One week at a time beginning 8th December 2020

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  • posted by wendleg

    Here we are folks, beginning the second week of December . I am still not really feeling the spirit but I promise to take out my Christmas jumpers and earrings this week !

    However you are feeling about Christmas ( sorry for my lack of enthusiasm) let’s keep going . I sort of feel I want 2020 to be over and there are just a few weeks left . I have been reading a few things about ‘cheat days’ . That isn’t my approach but it would be interesting to share ideas as to how you feel about festive foods and managing Christmas .

    I say every year that I can remember some very dismal Januaries , when I berated myself for wasting yet another year . I really did feel useless, worthless, lacking in willpower , really putting myself down .
    I am not going there ever again . It’s miserable and I am just suggesting that this is the time to put in practice some damage limitation strategies so we can approach 2021 with confidence . There is time to put some good habits in place.
    Would love you to share your thoughts with me . Not telling you what to do folks !!!!

    Ellie has said that she plans to start now . We will give you all the support you need , Ellie .

    Sunny is back from Turkey and she will be along soon I am sure
    Wendy and Sunny xxx

  • posted by wendleg

    Yes, it’s THE LIST . We would love to see some more returners . I never give up hope !

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  • posted by James3891

    Good advice from all there for me, thanks.
    Going to cut the carbs right down again and will look at the one carb meal a day idea.
    Got the calories down today again fairly easily.
    Cheese omelette, nice salad for lunch, Chicken with broccoli and carrots for dinner and drinking lots more water now.
    Going to have 30 mins with a private GP to try to get to the bottom of some health issues, think the extra time will be worth the cost.
    Want to lose the weight for many health causes but never really looked at diabetes or pre-diabetes too much as never felt I had the symptoms.
    Did another finger prick test yesterday 2 hours after food and it was 9 mmol/l.
    Will keep an eye on it. I guess at over 20 stone it’s always a risk, I definitely don’t want that on top of other health issues lol.
    Christmas should be ok, not really got a sweet tooth but will be more watching for calories.
    I know Christmas can be a nightmare for many with all the food and drink especially as a boost after this tough year.
    Have to think ahead to next spring and summer which comes around fast and nobody wants another moment of thinking I wish I had really started in the winter.

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Thanks Wendleg and everyone else 🙂 So, I’ve managed day 2! Interesting talking about Christmas plans…I’m planning 3 higher calorie days (Christmas eve, day and boxing day) but still going to stay low carb. My exception will be Christmas day lunch itself, which will include a few higher carb extras. Crucially, this will only be for the ONE meal and not overdone…not excessive eating for the whole day (or for the whole of December for that matter!), which would have been my previous behaviour. In the past my appetite has been very sporadic (and sometimes completely non existent), but I always used to have treats over Christmas. This year I’ll not be over indulging, but enjoying spending time with loved ones in our bubble….which will be beneficial healthwise in more ways than one! Anyway, hope everyone is doing well. Hopefully day 3 tomorrow will go well. I seem to have avoided any low carb side effects so far, so hopefully that remains the case! 🙂

  • posted by Butterlover

    HI Everybody,I hope those coping with covid stuff are staying positive.Im in heat lockdown today forecast is 40 degrees .so windows and blinds closed .Aircon on and wait for a sea breeze to cool things down.Iam slowly getting back to plan after
    Indulgences last week. Gained 0.5kg .Im not happy that I lost focus especially as I have some unexpected invitations to lunch over the next few weeks and I would like to be looking better. I remember when I lost weight in 2017 an old acquaintance commented that I looked good then apologised as she suddenly thought that I may have been seriously ill.I would love to be two dress sizes down again.So back on track and more focused.Have a good week .

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Thanks Wendy. I’m in.
    Dropped a fairly rubbish half pound last week…… and whilst i felt a bit deflated, I reached yesterday with the recognition that i can just push on again this week, Christmas is looming but there is still time, and why would i waste a week not sticking to it and pushing the next wee bit.

    I’ve planned a low cab chirstmas, extra calories for sure but low carb except for planned set and deliberate deviations (turkey sandwhich!)
    I do find the psychology interesting though….. for months I have been telling myself that i dont need that “thing” now….its not that i can never ever have it again but not today….. and in honesty it has been like “come on Julz, you can have that at Christmas”. Then it became “come on julz, you can have that at christmas IF you want it”…..
    so my Tuesday pondering is….. should we “allow” ourselfs the off plan thing that we have been promising ourselves all year??
    On the one hand, if we deny ourselves the promised thing will we then not believe ourselves the next time we say, not today, save it for christmas?
    On the other hand, if we dont really want it, if we are used to life without these things, is it really a treat? We know it will make life harder, we will feel worse for it and actually its likely to be a bit of a let down! This why i have added the “if you want it” part to my promise to myself. Classic example is Lindor chocolates….. I can feel very sad passing them in the supermarket, they used to be a proper ‘treat’ and I just tell myself that i can have some at christmas….but realistically i THINK i will be just as happy with some lovely dark chocolate… i maintain… I can have them at christmas if i want them….but im not sure that i will want them….and I know that just one would be no use…then i would have to fight the guilt and I’m not sure its worth it!!

    Really for me I would just like a week or so at christmas where I’m not having to “try” so hard with what im eating or not eating…. just to relax, enjoy good low carb stuff with no pressure on calories. Recharge mentally a bit and welcome in 2021 with some renewed vigour! I will plan a long fast or 2 around it all, as much for the mental benefit as for physical weight management.

    Anyway…. I’m making the most of this week – busy at work, nothing social on so a great opportunity to make the most of good eating and some extra exercise!
    Hope you are all well.

  • posted by Gattina

    Good morning all, hope everyone is keeping well.
    Thanks Wendleg for setting us up on another week and your wise words of wisdom and motivation. I’ve had many Januaries like you describe too – funnily last January wasn’t like that, I started the year weighing less but have sadly put the weight back on during the year. But I’m now into week 5 of my diet so will end the year weighing less than I did in January 🙂
    I’ve had another good week, 4 lbs down again meaning I’ve now lost 1.5 stones, 21lbs or 9.5kg And I’ve just moved into the next class for my BMI – it’s now 39.9 so that makes me obese Class 2 instead of Class3. Only just but still…
    Planning for Christmas is important as it is easy to overindulge – I know I’ll be faced with lots of treats but I have to remind myself that they’re just not worth it, they’ll only lead to me undoing all the hard work I’ve put in and will then hate myself for it. I’m going away so there will be a 4 days of negotiating food, but so long as I stick to my plan. Refuse the carb items of the meal and add extra portion of veg, only snack on cheese and nuts, but small amounts. I’m really looking forward to the cheese board, but I have to remember that cheese tastes good with a stick of celery and walnuts – it doesn’t need the cracker!
    My brother has recently become more interested in cooking and is exploring traditional favourites that our mother used to make – I have volunteered to help him make a pastry that my mother used to make at Christmas – it’s made with bread dough and deep fried, tastes a bit like a doughnut. Each one is very high in calories and I can’t begin to work out how many carbs! He has never made them and really wants to try so I want to repay his hospitality by helping him – that will be a challenge. I have the resolve – I will survive Christmas. This is all part of learning to survive the food environment, Christmas will be here every year as will other events during the year (hopefully!) so I have to learn to say no and stick to it. Just because the food is there doesn’t mean it HAS to go into my mouth! I have added these to my plan – I intend having a sweet treat each day, one of my brother’s pastry on Christmas eve, a small slice of Panettone on Christmas day and one chocolate on Boxing day. Then on 27th I’m back on my shakes. There will be lots of lovely long walks to help work it off.

    Welcome ElliAllegra and well done on getting to day 2 🙂 It does get easier as you get used to it.

    Have a good week everyone.
    all the best

  • posted by Gattina

    WindyJulz – just seen your post. That is such an interesting way of looking at things. I’ve planned for a sweet treat every day at Christmas, but I think adding in “if you want it” is so useful. Is the world going to end if I don’t have chocolate? So what if I don’t have Panettone this Christmas, it’s not as if I will never have it again…there will always be roast potatoes in this world.
    I’m going to add “if you want it” to my plan for Christmas… 🙂

  • posted by RubyG

    Thanks Wendleg, I’m still in this week!
    Had a slight gain the past few days (but still an overall weekly loss) so need to keep on track.
    Planned deviation from 800cal tomorrow with a steak supper 🙂 but will keep the carbs low.

    I like the Christmas idea of if I feel like it, but as I am hosting I will simply not have stuff in which I think will derail us, and which I’ve pre-decided I (and thus we) can do without – so I have not made a Christmas cake, and will not be making mince pies, Christmas pudding or pannetone. I am going to try to make some low-carb crackers from the Tom Kerridge book, as I have ordered some nice cheeses, and will serve these with celery and a few figs. We have some 85% dark chocolate in, and I may try WindyJulz’s chocolate torte recipe if the need arises. There will be goose-fat roast potatoes on Christmas day, that is my one compromise on carbs. I may well find that I don’t even like them anymore, but will give it a go 😉

    There will also be alcohol, but I have lost my taste for wine (I know, I am a heathen) so I will have a couple of G&Ts and whiskies – although not having had a drink for a couple of months I won’t be drinking vast amounts.

    Good luck everyone!

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Thanks Gattina and congratulations on your impressive weight loss. My BMI is over 40 atm and I have a lot of weight to lose. I have numerous health issues and a long history of medications playing havoc with my weight and hormones. Although I have chronic pain problems my medications are now stable and so I’m really trying to reduce my weight and to try and be more active. I’m using vlcd products in conjunction with low cal/carb foods and am doing ok so far. I’ve been trying to think of some small goals and what else I’d like to achieve to keep me motivated…with news of covid vaccines on the way, it’s possible a summer holiday could happen in a few months time….and I’d be thrilled to be smaller and fitter by then! The last time we went abroad (2 years ago) I struggled with the heat and wasn’t fit enough to do some of the things I wanted to….so any health improvements by next summer will be a big plus. I have to remember that it is my choices now that will shape how I feel in the future…not always easy, but every day being mindful of my choices should hopefully add up to some positive changes 🙂 Good luck to everyone!

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, just seen this post and the date scared me a bit – where the heck has the year gone. You would think that in these times of isolation and nothing much to do the year would have dragged. It may have for some but for me it has just passed me by unnoticed and here we are headlong into Christmas.
    How do I cope with Christmas treats. First of all, and I dont mean to sound like a little angel, I dont like many of the things people gorge on. So no mince pies, christmas pudding, christmas cake – I hate the dried fruit, especially candied peel, I can smell it a mile off. Hubby has bought himself a mini Panatone. I am not angelic, just dont like sweet things either. Now, back in the UK my daughter would buy me my bestest treat in the world. A great big pork pie with egg through the middle and that would be my downfall. Here in France they dont have it – yes Wendy they have canard en croute and those mini porc en croute but they are not the same and dont tempt me at all. Secondly, because we have ordered our meal in there wont be any leftovers in the house. Also, I havent bought any snacks – my body is not interested in carbs and I have never been a nibbles person sat in front of the TV with a bag of something. Now, here is where the halo slips. I will be having wine and champagne with the meal and a liqueur after. The wine might continue into the evening and then – 26th December back on the diet. I know it is hard when you are having people around for Christmas to be tempted to buy this, that and the other, just in case. I think this year could be quite different for many of us with so few to cater for so dont be tempted to over buy.
    I have set myself a limit on weight gain as I am sure it will happen and there is a number on the scales I never want to see again – dont know what it is yet, it will depend on what I weigh on 24th Dec.
    Whatever you decide to do just dont make yourselves miserable. It is hard enough as it is diet or no diet. Enjoy your Christmas however you want and get back on the proverbial horse as quickly as you can.
    Gosh I feel like it is a bit Christmassy now. Have a good week and keep on keeping on…

  • posted by Verano

    Wendy thanks once again for keeping this thread going. You ask a very interesting question!
    Sunshine- girl …. well said! We need to make our own decisions, live with them but never feel miserable about our individual choices.
    Julz like you I have one ‘planned deviation’, Christmas pudding but just half of a tiny 100g one! I find now that if I do try something that was a ‘treat’ in the past it’s now just too sickly sweet. Dump the Lindor and stick with the 90%!
    ‘Treats’ from the past so quickly become a sad letdown.
    After years of low carb eating I do find that I can taste sugar in foods that I never knew even contained sugar. I find that ‘planning’ the odd slice of good seeded bread leaves me satisfied but guilt free.
    Somebody once wrote on a thread here something like this ….. if you were stopped for speeding you wouldn’t go on to run a red light, hit a pedestrian and then go on to back the car into a wall! So why does a binge automatically have to follow a little slip ….. it doesn’t.
    We all just need to plan around our own individual needs, wants and aspirations and then we can manage to stay on our individual ‘paths’. Guilt is a word that should never be used ….. ‘choices’ are really the only things that we have!

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone . I will be back tomorrow to respond . I have just spent 2 very frustrating hours trying to solve a problem online for a friend, but no joy yet . If I were a drinker I would pour myself a stiff gin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone

    James I really hope you can get some clarity and advice about your health issues so you can move forward with confidence. It’s great that you have an appointment to discuss any concersns with less time constraint and we wish you all the best. Maybe the doc will discuss (pre) diabetes and suggest a precautionary blood test ? You are thinking long term and we will support you all the way .

    Keep going Ellie . You are in the right place and you sound very focused so Christmas will not throw you . Spending time with your special people is defiinitely worth more than any carbs ! Yes, yes .. think ahead to a special holiday … it will happen and you will be able to enjoy it so much more . You are so focused on the long term health benefits . Have you read any of Esnecca’s posts ? She was a highly respected member of the forum with a no nonsense approach to this woe . She had serious mobility issues, PCOS and really struggled at over 300 pounds ( 21 stone) She had spectacular results and was a real ambassador for low carb eating . She was a real inspiration. I can dig out some more of her posts .

    Butterlover, it’s hard isn’t it when this season rolls around but you are right to look ahead . Enjoy the warm weather and stay with us . You will get to where you want to be Butterlover and rocking those smaller dress sizes.

    Julz I am always amazed when I read your posts because our outlook is so similar . I remember you saying you used to feel sad looking at certain foods in the supermarket but your attitude has definitely changed. I told you about my lockdown chocolate experience. After a month off choc I didn’t actually enjoy it when I did have some. I wonder it is just a question of breaking habits ? I had got into the habit of reaching for a square of choc when I had a coffee but after a couple of weeks I just stopped thinking about it .

    It’s the idea that certain foods are ‘treats’ and that can be different for all of us . I totally agree V, treats from the past quickly become a disappointment !

    I do think that takes time though . One thing I have come to realise is that if not having treats is seen as a miserable deprivation then it’s un sustainable . We will inevitably give in to the urges at some time . I have in the past endowed food with so much power but I have gradually learned that it is just that … food . I try to think in terms of nourishment now which has led to a real aversion to fake , processed foods and sugar .

    Well done on your continued progress, Gattina ! You sound very calm and focused too and I understand the importance of joining your brother in making your Mum’s special pastry . Enjoy your time together .

    Great plan RubyG . I am with you on the cheese . We have lots of choice here so will enjoy something tasty too .

    SG , if we were in the UK my hubby would be stocking up on the pork pies too , he loves em ! He doesn’t like the French paté en croute type offerings either . He said LIDL had loads of gourmet specialities on the shelves but didn’t fancy any of it apart from some special crisps !! You will have a wonderful Michelin star meal SG and you deserve it ! Enjoy your tipple too… why not ? I still don’t feel that Christmassy to be honest but I did shave my legs and put on my Snowman jumper
    ; -):-)

    Something hubby did bring me back yesteday was avocado oil which LIDL sell in little bottles at this time of year . Nobody seems to buy it so I get a few bottles  in and cook with it as apparently it has a higher smoke point than olive oil and is good for stir fries .

    I found an online workout for the Fabulous Fifties yesterday ( who am I kidding ?  ) !!! ;-);-) 
    It was a nice change from Pilates as it involved all sorts of very doable movements and periods of walking . Once I had found a way to change the music ( Shania Twain is a bit dated now!) and jigged about to more enjoyable music it was great ! I think it works like your programme SG with an on screen clock ticking down the seconds and minutes .

    So I am definitely trying to be more active with daily exercise and that is a little victory for me this year .

    We have had news of more family members in the UK contracting Covid and it is no longer a remote danger so we remain vigilant . The French are very reticent about the vaccine and will need a lot of convincing as less than 50% of people say they will take it .

    Anyway there is a lot to be thankful for and absolutely V, there is no place for guilt . We are all different and working our way through as best we can and we should all be proud of ourselves !!

  • posted by RubyG

    Hi Wendleg, in addition to the “ewe’s and blues” I have on order from North Yorkshire, dare I say I bought a 580g Vacheran from Waitrose last night – oops!

    Hubby has dusted off the exercise bike and has done 2 short sessions over 2 days, so is starting to develop the habit. I think having lost some weight he is now aware of just how unfit he is and knows that he needs to build up some fitness and strength before venturing out on his proper bicycle, which again he has refurbished and replaced tyres etc.

    I did buy some filo pastry yesterday (I can’t seem to find decent feulle-de-brick even online) for him to make his traditional Christmas Eve sausage rolls, rather than using puff pastry – damage limitation as best I could.

    I would love to be in the bottom half of the 12s by Christmas Eve, which will be the lightest I’ve been in about 4 years, and hubby is hoping for the low 19s, which should be achievable.

    Good luck everyone 🙂

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Happy Wednesday, dull and dreary here in south west France. Ruby I much prefer the normal filo to the brique which we get here although with all those holes in it it must have less calories – no calories in holes.

    Got weighed this morning and was pleased to have lost a further 3 10th of a kilo (76.6 to 76.3) annoyed that it makes me 12 stone and one eighth of a pound. Need to be 76.2 to be just under the 12 stone mark. Drat – I will get there. I said I wanted to lose 9.5lbs on this lead up to Christmas and I only have 1.5lbs to go. So that should be another goal I reach. Sounds daft but it is so much easier with Covid around as I dont go anywhere to tempt me and can control myself when I am at home and there is nothing forbidden in the house. Although hubby always has a supply of biscuits and buys himself and little 2 pack of cakes every Thursday when we do our main shop. As I have said before, not tempted in the least as I dont have a sweet tooth – I guess that makes me quite lucky although I was drooling over him mini pizza he had for lunch.

    I have been translating our Christmas Day menu and it sounds wonderful and, besides some potato and cheese gratins there are no carbs. Starting to really look foward to it. Have a good week and stay safe.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, where are you all. Busy getting ready for Christmas I’ll bet. Weight is exactly the same today so nothing to report. Except, confession time. Shopping today and we cant get breadcrumbs in our supermarket in France plus I hate those horrible fake orange ones. To make them for very occasional use – maybe on my cod tomorrow evening – I buy a baguette and let it go hard overnight and hubby puts it through a processor and, voila, we have fresh breadcrumbs. Tomorrow there might be a few less as I was tempted to a small chunk of the bread. Can you blame me, have you ever smelt a fresh baked baguette. Well that is my sins for this year and will probably be stuck at this weight for a few extra days. I know something else that is well known to us low carbers, having had some bread with my salad lunch I will be starving in a couple of hours, whereas with just the salad I would feel satisfied until dinner. How much do you bet I am right. Anyway it is done now. Move on. Keep on keeping on…

  • posted by RubyG

    My confession for today is that I tried out a recipe for a chocolate mousse, using avocado, cream cheese, cocoa powder, etc. I have made it, without any artificial sweeteners, split into 4 portions and put in the fridge, but I am not hopeful. As someone who generally cannot taste avocado, that is all I can taste in this, it’s actually quite nasty and definitely not worth the 365 cal per portion. I hate food waste, so now I’m torn. Like you S-G I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I would prefer a square of 85% Lidl chocolate at far fewer calories if I do feel like chocolate (but I prefer cheese any day).
    Oh well, I tried.

  • posted by Olive_1

    Hi all! Just wanted to pop in and say hello. Have been a bit quiet lately.
    My good news is that this morning I saw the lowest weight that I have been for at least 10 years, 71,5 kg. This means I’ve lost 20,5 kg (45 lbs) this year. 🤸🤸
    My bad news is that I had what I would call “carb poisoning” this weekend. I was baking buns and cookies for Christmas with my daughters and went completely off track with tasting the doughs and the finished products. Wanted to stop but couldn’t. The result was that I was totally speeded on Sat night, didn’t sleep more than 4 hours, stomach ache, gas, blurry thinking and feeling quite depressed. Big lesson learned there!!!
    Was 100% back on track on Mon, did a 40h fast from Mon evening until Wed lunch, and never felt better on a fast.
    Hope you are all doing fine.

  • posted by ClarinetCathy

    Wow Olive- I’ve just read this post and wanted to say massive congratulations! What an amazing loss! What a brilliant Christmas present you’ve given to yourself knowing you’re lighter than you have been for 10 years! Awesome. You did well to get straight back on track following your dalliance with carbs. That’s not always easy. I too have been enjoying 40 hour fasts from Sunday evening to Tuesday lunch. My boiled egg post fast tasted so nice!

  • posted by SunnyB

    Just dropping in to say quick hello, with the intention of renewing my membership of the One Week at a Time … thread from next week.
    After 3mths in Turkey, we are now home again and in quarantine until 20th Dec. Haven’t braved the scales yet, but fairly confident any gain is minimal …. truth yet to be seen though! Will report in once I’ve weighed and know what task I have ahead of me.

    Currently, I’m OMAD most days with extended overnight fasts. Will reassess next week if need be.

  • posted by Olive_1

    Thanks ClarinetCathy!
    Yes, the first meal after the fast is just fantastic, isn’t it. I broke mine with some nibbles of cheese and a bit later a ham sallad. That satisfaction alone is worth the fast.
    Good Luck to you too!

  • posted by EllieAllegra

    Hi everyone – just checking back in. Had a very hectic couple of days and have had very low energy…but…I have managed to do a bit of cycling on my exercise bike…a tricky line between balancing pain levels but still doing some activity…I managed to do some, so am pleased about that. I had a bigger portion of food this evening and although it was low carb, I need to try and nip that in the bud to keep in my calorie range. I’ve also been thinking about things in the longer term, and the changes I need to make to my diet and activity levels…I want to be healthy for the longer term so I am going to start compiling simple recipes that will become my ‘new normal’…I want to plan how things will be after my F800 phase so that I don’t just revert back to my old ways. Anyway, hope everyone is well and staying healthy xx

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi all, happy Friday. It is for me as I have just broken through the 12 stone barrier and now weigh 11 st 13 3/4 lbs. Really motivating me for a good weekend. Did 30 mins aerobics even though I sat in my PJ’s until nearly 11 am then pulled myself together and got on with the exercise. Now for my Chrismas goal, 1 1/3 lbs to go and still 2 weeks. My other motivation is I have my blood tests done on Tuesday and seeing the doctor on Friday. Made my meds eke out an extra couple of days so I could have more time to lose weight then less time between doctors appt and Christmas to start celebrating. It is peeing it down here and just had thunder and lightning so postponing our trip out to get a new colour cartridge for the printer. It can wait.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • posted by RubyG

    Congratulations on breaking the 12st barrier S-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • posted by Verano

    Brilliant s-g!!! Keep on keeping on ……..

  • posted by Riccoh

    Congratulations sunshine-girl. A great effort.

    I’ve been baking. Christmas cakes and gingerbread. I succumbed last night. Hubby cut into one of the cakes and I resisted but later in the evening I just had to have some. The 3 foods that I’m most tempted by are, in order, cheese, nuts, and dried fruit. I can pass up chocolate and lollies without a problem and I don’t like most cakes. On the other hand, if they contain fruit/nuts I’m tempted. I love date and walnut loaf.

    I buy Avocado oil at Costco. I use it as well as Olive oil. Large bottles and not too pricy.

    Take Care everyone. We are pretty much Covid free here in Australia. The only cases we’re seeing are returned travellers. Anyone returning from overseas who must quarantine on arrival. There are still some 10,000 Australians in India and 5,000 in the UK who are still trying to get home. We still have restrictions and wear masks on public transport but I’m quite happy for this to continue. Social distancing means its hard to eat out without booking well in advance so no spontaneous restaurant visits which is good.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, still exactly the same weight but desperate to drop a couple of pounds so I can wave goodbye to the number 12 forever rather than slip back over during the holidays. Riccoh I knew you lived in Australia as soon as you said chocolate and LOLLIES. I used to live in Sydney and when I returned to the UK no one could understand me when I asked for a bag of lollies for my little brother. Works the other way round when asking in Oz for a packet of cigarettes and you get a carton of 20 pack (or was it 10). Fortunately I dont buy either now. Here in France we have the confusion between chips and crisps, here chips are frites and crisps are chips.
    Hoping to remain strong over the weekend, it is not too much to ask of myself with such a short time to go. Enjoy veryone.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Still the same weight but very pleased that I have been strong over the weekend. If I have an earlier dinner today I could go and get my blood test done tomorrow then it is over and done with. Makes sense as I can eat much earlier on a Sunday, not ruled by the clock or the TV schedule plus I have only had one meal, my brunch at 11 am. Plus I cant be tempted to have a drink as I am fasting from 8pm.
    Yes, that is a plan.
    Tried on a pair of jeans that I have never managed to get into. Strange thing is they say 44 and that is what I am wearing now but couldnt get them fastened. I guess they are strong cotton material and also my current pair have had a lot of wear and a lot of stretch. Only need a couple of pounds and they will fit. That can be added to my other goals for early next year as I dont expect to stay this size over the holiday.
    It is cold and sunny here so I am going for a walk quite soon. Have a good end of weekend everyone.

  • posted by wendleg

    Well done SG ….. your determination is paying off . Your gorgeous doctor will be very pleased I’m sure . All the very best for your blood test tomorrow
    Well done too Olive ! Isn’t it incredible how we react to carb overload ? It’s just not worth it to then end up feeling yuk.
    There are lots of recipes around for low carb treats and and I have tried a few. I have memories of a cheese cake made with cashew cream . I reckon it had oats and dates too so not exactly low carb . We fortunately don’t have loads of people to cater for this year so it will be simple . I do love roasted brussel sprouts with chestnuts so those will appear with my capon 😉

    I am planning my usual fast from Sunday night to Tuesday afternoon and if I don’t slosh too much cream in my coffee the week should be ok.
    I am still not feeling the Christmas thing….is it just me ?
    I hope you have all had a good weekend and feel ready to tackle another week ( Sunny will be back with us too !)

  • posted by nhatha3432

    This week, the 17th week of my diet, I recorded a weight loss today 14th December, of 1.25 kgs, my weight is now 91.75 kgs, that’s a total weight loss of 26.5 kgs (59.07 lbs or 4.21 Stones). And my Blood Pressure remains at a normal 118/73, with a Fasting Blood Sugar at a good level at 90.0 mg/dl. So, I am pleased with my diet, and the fact that three original goals, i.e. to get down to 100 kgs, to get off Blood Pressure medication with a good reduction in BP levels, and to reduce my pre-diabetic Fasting Sugar to a normal level, have been met already. I want now to get to 90 kgs before 23rd December, because I will quit the diet then no matter what weight I am. The after the festive season I shall review how I will eat in future.

  • posted by Gattina

    Good morning all, hope everyone is keeping well.
    Olive – well done on getting to your lowest weight, such an achievement.
    SG – I’m so pleased for you getting under the 12 st mark, keep on going and I’m sure you’ll be down a bit more by Christmas. Good luck with the blood tests.

    My week has been OK, usual little frustrations during the week that seem to irritate me more – like couriers leaving my parcels behind a flower pot without even ringing the doorbell, so I only discover it’s there when I happen to look at my emails! On my walk yesterday I ventured onto the high street and got really frustrated by all the people that were around. Then one young woman walked straight into me – I’m not invisible so why does everyone think that I should move out of their way!? Could I be hangry I wonder!?
    Actually the issue of invisibility is interesting, I do feel invisible a lot of the time. For someone who occupies a lot of space it’s surprising how often people just don’t see me! OK that is me feeling sorry for myself, but I have learned to ignore those signs of disapproval where people look me up and down when they meet me, or in social settings they just edge away because they don’t want to get stuck talking to the fatty. In lots of ways this year has been easy in that I haven’t had to make any effort to see people but just hide away at home in my own little world. I wonder what next year will bring.

    A NSV for me this week – I ordered a pair of trousers to wear at Christmas in a size 18 from the normal range and not the plus size range – woo hoo – get me shopping in the ‘normal’ range. So my sizing is all over the place depending on the item, style and shop but it’s usually 20/22 from plus size stores.

    Well it’s just started raining so indoor activities again for me.
    Have a good week everyone.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, wow nhatha, that is some weight loss, KOKO And great all your other health indicators. Just shows how great this diet is for so much more than just weight loss – and I say just meaning it is not great for just one thing – it is great for health and psychological well being too.
    Funny day, good and bad and good. Got up early to go for blood tests and my BG was way down at 55 or 2.9. Hubby wanted me to stay home and eat but I would have only had to go through fasting again tonight. Got to laboratory and there was a very short queue so hubby stayed with me until I went through the main door to the reception desk. He could come in with me but he would have to stay in the waiting room and I would be leaving by another door. I told the receptionist my BG was very low and of course, the first thing she asks is have you fasted for 12 hours. Yes. Walking to the seated area I became whoozy and had to hold onto the water cooler and a staff member caught me and led me to a chair. Plus point is I was the first person to be called when there were about 8 or 9 before me. Sat in chair for my test and told the girl I didnt feel well because I hadnt eaten and she was like, why not. I told her I was having diabetic and cholesterol tests and had to fast. Surely she knew that. She asked if I had anything with me and I had a glucose pack which she said I could have as it wouldnt hit my blood stream. Then she started trying to find a vein. I now have 4 holes – one in each inner elbow joint, one half way between that and wrist and the final successful one on the back of my hand. If I hadnt felt faint before I certainly did now. Anyway, blood test done and I had to sit down and eat a few sweets before heading back to the car.
    Results: HbA1c 6.2, same as always, cholesterol 3.7 – lowest ever and triglicerides 1.35 – lowest ever. So in the end a successful morning. Maybe if I hadnt jumped the queue I might have had a better technician but what is done is done and I will be black and blue for a few days.
    Now just waiting to see doctor on Friday. I could have seen him earlier as blood tests never take more than a few hours for the results but I have enough tablets to see me to next week so made the appointment for as late as possible to give me a chance to lose more weight. So that is my aim for the next few days. Did 30 mins of aerobics this morning after a breakfast of scrambled egg to get my BG back to normal.
    Have a great week everyone.

  • posted by Tulip1

    Hi all- sorry, a bit late to the party this week- I’ve been steadily burning myself out through December with elf mania and consequently now left somewhat exhausted and low- last Weds was our work Xmas lunch and was supposed to be one meal off plan only- but because I was so tired that led me to 5 days off plan instead!!!- I have somewhat messed up….so, here is day one, I am planning to have a few very strict days to get back on track. All advice welcome.

    Love to all xxx

  • posted by Olive_1

    Hi all,
    Gattina – wanted to reply to your post about being invisible. I go to a gym (or I normally do – when there is no Covid madness) and most other people there are much younger than me as it is situated in a student area. It’s really convenient for me as it is close to my work. There I find myself completely invisible, but I think that is the case for anyone over 40 in that place. I bet I could walk though the gym naked an nobody would notice! I find it more strange than annoying to be honest. In the gym I don’t mind being anonymous so I can do my own thing. My point is that we can be ignored for all sorts of reasons and it is up to us to chose how we react to it. Sometimes I make it a priority to take up some more space – and be noted.

    SG – your morning sounds stressful – but great results on the labs!

    Tulip – it is so easy to slip of the rails at this time of year. I’m telling myself that whatever happens – I will be back to this WOE on Jan 1st next year. What I do now can make the encounter with the scale that day be more painful or less. So every little bit helps – even if it is only too keep going at maintenance speed.

    Have a good rest of the day everyone.

  • posted by Tulip1

    thank you Olive xxx

  • posted by wendleg

    Wow nhatha ….fantastic results !!! Well done you on reaching your objectives !!

    This is only my opinion but it does seem a shame to totally ‘quit the diet’ for the festive season . Does that mean eating as you did before ?? I am fearful that you will have a significant gain in January and that you will be yo yoing and eventually losing motivation . Could you think longer term .. rather that a diet, think of this low carb programme as a sustainable way of eating ?? You alone know your limits but if you go completely off plan during the festive season you are reasoning in terms of enforced deprivation up to now and therefore praising yourself with foods which caused you health issues in the past .

    That worries me a bit , particularly how you will feel in January after an extended period of excess . Not telling you what to do nhatha but we have lots of posts of carb indulgence causing havoc. Could you maybe try to limit the very high carb foods as much as possible ??

    Gattina !!!! You are NOT invisible !! That is your perception of how others see/ don’t see you because somehow you feel you are not worthy of being noticed or taken seriously because you are a ‘fatty’ . BANISH that word from your vocabulary, Gattina ! OOH that made me feel very annoyed ! Noone is judging you Gattina but you are VERY VERY harsh on yourself . Stop it !! Be proud of yourself for focusing on your health and forging ahead with this programme . Don’t worry about what others may or may not be thinking of you …. they don’t matter ! You are so right Olive, we should all be recognised and own our space . Very sensible advice about trying to limit the damage now in the run up to Christmas, thinking ahead to the new year.

    Gattina, I understand about ‘normal size ranges’ . I was Uk size 22 for a long long time and wistfully hoped that one day I could be a standard size 16 and be able to buy clothes in a normal shop . That has happened and I am size 14 now . I used to hide away in leggings and ample tunics but I like more figure hugging clothes now . I don’t care what people think of my bright colours and wacky earrings.. I am me .

    You too will gain confidence Gattina and you will be FA… BU … LOUS !!

    Tulip … it’s ok . You recognise you were very tired and stressed , and that led to some off plan days but you are still here and remember you have had great results so don’t beat yourself up too much . You are also ZUMBA QUEEN , a fabulous dancer so pick yourself up and get those hips swivelling;-)
    Advice … ? Just believe in yourself and keep going , plan for a more controlled week so you don’t just drift into Christmas totally off plan . You will be ok Tulip xx

    Crikey SG I was worried reading your post . That was some morning ! Most importantly your continued determination has paid off with those great results but take care . You alone know how your body responds so you cope with that fasting wooziness . Glad you are Ok xx

  • posted by wendleg

    OOH I hope I didn’t come across as too bossy in that post . I mean well honestly… and just want everyone to feel good about themselves .and be convinced about the benefits of this way of eating

    Off to set up the new weekly thread xx

  • posted by Gattina

    Hi Olive
    I just want to say thank you for your post, I appreciate you taking the time to respond – you are of course right that it is up to us how we choose to react to other people. You misunderstand my post, I have learned to ignore those looks, but it would be dishonest to say that I don’t see them. Like you I may choose to be invisible when it suits me, or I speak out when I want to be heard. I choose not to react to other people’s opinions about me because they are not important to me.
    And that includes other judgemental responses.

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