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  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone
    I am trying to think of something inspirational for the week and struggling a bit .
    Maybe just to say that whatever life throws at you, just do your best to be as consistent as you can , no
    one is perfect , sometimes it is a question of trial and error , but as long as you stick to the basic principles you won’t go far wrong .
    I am no longer losing masses of weight but no one could get me to eat processed foods, and starchy carbs these days . That’s my victory and we all have victories, great or small . No one fails so don’t feel down if you have an off day .
    Summer is a bit weird this year in France, nothing consistent about our weather but hey we are ok .
    I hope you are all coping and can find a moment to tell us how you are doing

    Wendy but definitely not forgetting SunnyB and sunshinegirl xx

  • posted by wendleg

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  • posted by wendleg

    This is what I hope is the updated list . PLEASE shout out if I have forgotten anyone .
    I still have loads of things to catch up on, the posts from last week, sunshinegirl’s blog …absent people
    I will get there

  • posted by SunnyB

    Thank you for setting up the new weekly thread and posting the contributors list Wendy. I know your time is still stretched, so it’s appreciated that you can find time to encourage us all to do the best we can, to continue on our BSD paths, regardless of any stumbles.

    From tomorrow, I am committed to returning to basics, measuring, weighing and recording every thing consumed, with the aim at pushing below target and hopefully eventually resetting my set point.

    Whatever your situation …. where you are along your BSD path; what demons you are battling; what glitches or blips you’ve suffered or what exciting results you’ve seen on or off the scaled … this is a warm safe place to share your experience, to ask for advice and support or to kick off a celebration. So if you’re new, or haven’t posted for awhile, are returning or have been around the forum for sometime now, be assured you’ll receive a warm welcome on this thread.

  • posted by Riccoh

    We’re in lockdown in Sydney again with no end in site. Feeling down which is not normal for me. We’ve had our first Astra Zeneca jab but I worry for our kids. Our youngest 2 are under 40 so won’t get any vaccine anytime soon. Our Govt. has botched the vaccine rollout.
    I’m so reluctant to leave the house I’m not even going for my walks, which is allowed. Our shopping is being delivered. It’s been very wet so gardening is out. When we were in lockdown last year we did gym sessions via zoom but I am not motivated.
    I ‘ve been doing a lot of baking but this morning, with the sun now out, I’m getting back on track.
    Sorry for the whinge. Stay safe everyone.

  • posted by HopefulinOz

    Morning all. Wendy, thank you for the new thread. I hope all is well with you and some of the things that have kept you so busy are easing now to give you a break.

    SunnyB – can I please join you with getting back to the basics of planning, measuring, weighing? I find myself dithering back and forth, and I really just need to get on the last stretch to reach my long term target weight. I have lacked the necessary motivation, and let too many temptations get in the way at events. However, now feeling a bit more determined, and yesterday decided on a ‘short term pain for long term gain’ approach (not that it is pain at all really, more like ‘short term sacrifice’ when temptation surrounds me).

    Riccoh – I too am in Australia, though not Sydney. Hopefully the numbers will start to come down in the next few days, and you will see some light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the lack of motivation, I strongly recommend some fresh air and some gentle exercise (yoga maybe?). You are bound to feel a bit better for it afterwards.

    I hope you all have a great day.

  • posted by LifeUniverseEverything

    Riccoh – it’s maddening to watch the news right now. Sydney is being so sensible with their lockdowns (I know they’re awful but good grief do they work!) and here in the UK we’re about to lose all restrictions. I have more friends with COVID now than I did first time around! Delta is like wildfire; I hope you can stop it soon and exit lockdown.

    I had a weigh in this morning and I’ve reached my first (small) goal, which I’m really pleased about. I’ve spent half the year barely shifting 5lbs on WeightWatchers (or whatever it’s called these days) and I’ve just shifted 6lbs in just over two weeks with F800. I’m so glad I watched that Ch4 Michael Mosley programme in June!

  • posted by Elle-Mae

    LifeUniverseEverything I’m with you there took me from January to May to lose 5lbs on Slimming World and 9lbs gone in a month on 800 BSD, very glad I half remembered a programme I had watched with Michael Mosley about a year ago. It was a Bank Holiday here yesterday so a tiny bit bad had a taste of a cake I had never heard of at boyfriends mother’s house, and he bought me a new chocolate bar I had heard of but never tasted. Back to being good today.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Riccoh, sorry you are struggling emotionally right now and thank you for trusting this as a safe place to vent. These are still such strange times to be living through and I think there are many people finding it tough on many levels. Be kind to yourself and do what you can, but don’t add unnecessary stress, just take things one meal at a time.

    Hopeful, yes indeed, please do join me for a focused push. Like you, I’ve reached the conclusion that if I want the desired result long term, I need to take positive action again. I’ve been dithering around for the last few months, not focusing on what needs to be done to shift those last 3lb. So, please do join in … it starts here!

    LUE, congrats on hitting that first mini-goal. Use the the high from that achievement, to spur you on to getting to your next marker and keep us posted on progress.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, sorry about the new lockdowns in Oz. England in my view is opening too quickly. All for opening up but keep the masks, distance and hand washing. I think they are afraid to say hand, face, space as it rings too many bells with Matt Hancock in mind. Hey hey hey. πŸ™‚
    Mention for those of you who had rubbish experiences with SW and WW. Read the new thread called A Newbie Hello and Comment on GLoW Research Trial. It was run by one of the big 2 in conjunction with Diabetes Uk and they obviously do not follow our way of eating, still have the philosophy of lose it slow to keep it off etc etc. And say hi to the poster (mecanopsis / anne ) and hope she joins us on this site and sticks with us.
    I have not been trying too hard and as a consequence I am losing weight. No pressure so I am not worrying – or is it the other way round. Hope to crack through another kilo number but I am not coming on here and saying up a bit, down a bit, stuck a bit. I think that is helping me.
    Still planning trip to England but not really hopeful as we still have to isolate for 10 days, too many tests. Test in France before we leave, test on day 2 in UK, test on day 8 in UK and test to get back into France then test on day 2 of arriving back in France. France was going to start charging for tests just for tourists but are now talking about charging everyone unless you have a presciption from the doctor. They say too many people are using the tests in place of bothering to get a vaccine. They are insisting all hospital, nursing home, care assistants, cooks, bottle washers etc are fully vaccinated by 21st Sept or there will be sanctions and that includes people who do things on a volunteer basis like my husband has to go visit people who are asking for help from the organisation he volunteers for. Most are elderly but so is he and he is double jabbed. They are also talking about us having a booster in Autumn if we were vaccinated early like Jan or Feb which we were. A lot to deal with but we are happy to just stay put and stay safe. Didnt plan to write all that but that is where we are at in France.
    It is a new week for us and I go into it feeling not too bad and always looking forward to better days. Keep going everyone.

  • posted by LifeUniverseEverything

    Sunshine-girl: I just went and read that post! Staggering! I’m so pleased the poster found BSD. Honestly, WW is just a big waste of money attempting to rebrand themselves with wellness. I’ll never make that mistake again!

  • posted by Mecanopsis

    Hi all!
    Well, as you’ve gathered I have found this place having left the WW study at a rate of knots!
    I’m in the UK, have been on the 800 for just over 4 weeks now and am thoroughly enjoying it. Claire Baileys recipe book is a godsend and I’m picking up others on this site. I can’t quite believe how well I’m eating and still losing weight! I tentatively stepped on the scale this morning and I think I’m now at 85kg. I had a tricky 2nd week where I didn’t (according to the scales) lose anything, even though I’m sure I did. I was reassured to find the threads on here all saying a sticky week was perfectly normal. I’m trying my best to stick to the 800, so if I’m going over it’s going to be down to portion sizes of what we can eat rather than adding anything else. We’ve decided Sundays is a slight cheat day as I do a good roast, so we’re still doing that but I don’t have the spuds and I’m not spending the day making umpteen cakes and crumbles.
    Things not to say when you’re diagnosed diabetic and are being told to cut out sweets and cakes; “Don’t be ridiculous, we’ve got an Aga…”
    With 4 chickens in full swing it’s good to know eggs are on the okay list so we’re getting through those in droves.
    At the moment my mood is ridiculously buoyant, so I’m just hoping the bubble doesn’t burst too soon. It’s frankly been a thoroughly *****y 4 years with a cowboy builder and the ensuing litigation. Last summer we discovered the house was in danger of collapse (!!) as the idiot had failed to fit the required structural steelworks despite charging us for it. So we spent 12 weeks with the house enshrined in scaffolding with accrow props running through the rooms and no ceilings. Our new builder actually sprayed one of the props green incase we needed to use it as an Xmas tree. I was 10st 4lb (66kg) before the building work started, and as things started to go spectacularly wrong I was put on various medications and then the weight started…. I’m sure some doctors diagnose depression because there isn’t a box for “P*ssed off and f***ing angry”. The anti-depressants I was put on have the usual side effects of “appetite stimulant and obsessive behaviour”. In my case that equated to giving me the metabolism of a labrador. If there was a packet of biscuits I would find it. If I couldn’t find any…I’d bake them! In the 4 years I managed to reach 15st 6lbs, the biggest I’ve ever been in my life and certainly the worst health I’ve ever been in. I’ve had a hiatus hernia for over 35 years but in the past two it decided to make its presence known with chronic heartburn and reflux; I had tests and was diagnosed with Barretts. So on top of the anti-D’s I’ve been on a cocktail of PPI’s and every over the counter antacid there is. A bizarre side effect of the PPI’s was a form of restless legs, come evening when I want to settle down my legs start spasming. I’d liken it to being hit with a reflex hammer, out of nowhere they just break into Riverdance. Having googled it, it does appear to be an acknowledged issue; something to do with the PPI’s inhibiting various vitamin and mineral absorption. Certainly, I had to stop taking the PPI’s for a week and my legs calmed down. Hmmm! But, the only effective treatment for leg spasms is a drug called Ropinirole, and that too has the same side effect of appetite stimulation. It also causes drowsiness, nausea and has mild hallucinatory properties…everynight one of our cats sleeps on my legs so I’ll wake in the night trying to move. I know it’s my cat, but at the same time I think he’s…..wait for it…..
    *A pallet of wood I need to move
    *Some bedding plants
    *a spare wheel for a Series 3 land rover (no, I don’t have a land rover)
    * a deep fat fryer; this one I think I spent at least an hour watching him incase a green light came on.

    I know. Good isn’t it! If I can get rid of that drug alone I will be a very happy bunny. At the moment I have to take it so that my legs stay still so I can sleep, but it means I wake decidedly fuggy, so I’m not really properly with it until about midday.
    On the plus side since starting the 800 I just feel so much better. Maybe it’s because I can see the weight coming off in substantial sums, maybe I just finally feel I’m back in control of things, but it’s certainly a state of mind I intend to try and keep going. So far I think I’ve lost about 6kg, I’ve stopped take the anti-depressants and have managed to reduce the PPI’s by half and my hernia has gone back into hibernation.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Wow, Mecanopsis!!! That all sounds like the stuff of nightmares! Very pleased you are here and seeing good results using this WoE. Glad you are managing to sideline various drugs and your hernia has quieted down. Pretty certain you will continue to see health improvements, as you continue on your BSD journey. Will look forward to reading about your progress in the coming weeks.
    SG, think your approach makes sense. Although I’m going to be applying tighter control to what I’m consuming, I’m not going to be reporting all the little losses and gains. I am hopeful though, that I’ll be reporting getting back to where I want to be in the next couple of weeks.

  • posted by Riccoh

    Thanks for the support everyone. Feeling much more positive today. I’m not letting stress get the better of me.
    Mecanopsis, wow, you’ve had a rough few years. I hope things improve for you.
    Back to weighing, measuring, counting calories. The habits I formed so easily last year were pushed to the side for a while. I still managed to stick to TRE and we still cook most of our main meals from the Fast 800 cookbook but now I need to take it up a notch and start losing again. I will worry about exercise later. One thing at a time.
    Keep going everyone.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Just a quick report in, having just completed my calculations for yesterday’s intake.
    Although carbs were at an acceptable level being sub 20g, the calories were way over 800, by an additional 320. This illustrates to me, that I need to pull down the cals if I want to see pounds decreasing. Whilst what I’m consuming is acceptable for maintenance, it is in excess for actual weight loss to happen for me. Unfortunately I am someone for whom this doesn’t happen just with carb control.
    So, yesterday was useful and has given me a marker to work from and I have a clear picture of what I need to be doing going forward to achieve my goal.

    I hope others who are making a fresh start or are returning to basics, are getting a handle on what they need to be doing too. Let us know how you’re progressing. Have a good BSD day everyone.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, I should have said when I claimed not to be fretting about the diet, I am still eating my ‘normal’ low cal and deffo no bad carbs. For me it is just a way of life a, for instance, last night hubby made a chicken curry – just chicken breast, red pepper, onion, mushrooms and he made a sauce with various spices and a dollop of Greek yoghurt. No rice, no pitta or other bread. That is just normal for us now. Even though I am not goal setting or reporting there is always something at the back of my mind that I am looking forward to. It is only human to advance so not resting on my laurels. And I am still doing TRE most days.

    Riccoh, so glad you are feeling better. Sometimes having something to hold onto or concentrate on (like diet and planning) take you away from other stresses. Getting back to food planning is a great start. Same for you too SunnyB. It is amazing how portion sizes can creep up on you. I noticed on reading back to my 5 year blog that I used to eat a lot less so now I have tried to do that again. One thing is the yoghurt I buy comes is 125g pots, so I must remember to serve it out and leave some in the pot. The rest gets used in other ways like in the chicken curry last night or as a dressing for todays chicken salad lunch.

    Mecanopsis. You have had so much to deal with over the last few years. Glad you are here and you can vent. Dont put too much pressure on yourself and try to just follow the plan as your first task and try to get those diabetes numbers down. It is not easy to stick with this but I really concentrated on every mouthful of carb being like a step backwards in my quest for health and decided to chose health. Not simple but I was and am so determined – read my 5 year blog to give you an idea of what I went through and how it felt. It might make you realise you are not alone. I know you are going to think I am mad, and I have mentioned this on here before and people who have tried it have said it worked for them. Restless legs. I suffered from restless legs and also night cramps that had me jumping out of bed and screaming in pain. Old French remedy is to put a piece of soap in the bed with you near your feet. I know, crazy, yes but it works. Just one thing that might give you relief and get rid of more meds.

    Well my trip to England is looking less and less likely but I am already planning for family coming here at the end of August. Watching out for shopping deals of things I can put away. Five kids and four adults will need some feeding and I like to make sure they go away healthier than when they arrived – although my daughter and partner are careful about what they eat.

    Well I dont half go on a bit dont I. Will give you a break now and let you get on with your week. Stay safe.

  • posted by HopefulinOz

    Evening all. I hope this finds you all well.
    SunnyB – thank you for spurring me on to get back to basics again. The last few days have been good, and I have seen some small losses again…. I have been keeping it simple by eating the same two or three meals over and over again, but I enjoy them and they are healthy and convenient to cook, so it makes sense whilst I am so busy with work. I know what you mean when you say that simply keeping carbs low isn’t enough for you for weight loss and that calories have to be low also – I find that I am the same. I must admit it makes me worry sometimes – if I maintain at 1100cal and less than 20g carb (as I have done on the days when my calories are high), does that mean that I am stuck there and won’t one day be able to maintain at 1300 calories (for instance)? Who knows…. no point fretting about that I guess until I get to the reverse dieting stage, and I need to hit my goal weight before then πŸ™‚
    Sunshine-girl – I suffer from terrible leg cramps also! I have been taking magnesium, but I am going to give your soap remedy a try tonight! I am really sorry to hear that your trip to England is looking less likely – what strange times we are living in. We have had new restrictions applied here again today – I feel very fortunate to have gotten away for our short trip to see family interstate when we did last week, it wouldn’t be possible now.
    Take care everyone x

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Arrrrggg, just done a long post and careful not to lose it I went to hit the Control and C to copy and hit the V by mistake and deleted it. Okay, lets try again and see if I can remember what I was saying. Always happens on a long post.

    First, hi and I hope you are all getting along okay.
    Hopeful, my doctor recommended magnesium for my cramps (which were caused by taking statins which I now only take a tiny dose). However, he failed to check that you dont give magnesium to diabetics or some other health problems like kidney problems. This caused my BG to go up very sharply. The reason I prefer natural remedies is because I was at the time taking around 9 tablets a day and adding more just didnt sit right with me. I want to get rid of not add to. You can get magnesium by eating leafly green veg or salad leaves, nuts and seeds. 1 ounce of almonds or cashews gives you 20% of your daily requirement. You cant overdose on supplements in food but you can overdose on food supplements. Magnesium can cause stomach cramps, nausea, diarreaha, sweats etc. One of the worst for overdosing is iron tablets.

    The soap trick is also recommended by my doctor and my chiropodist. Apparently the science behind it is unknown but it is believed to change to magnetic field around the covered legs.

    Well on to some good news for us big girls. Watching a fashion item on daytime TV they were showing a bikini where the boobs fall out of the bottom showing a lump of booby. Well girls I have been wearing my bras like that for years so I am well in front of the curve in the fashion stakes. Now all I need is for a craze for the underarm flab to stick out of the side of the bra / bikini and I will be well in. Hope that makes you smile.

    Have a great day everyone and looking forward to a well behaved weekend for me.
    (Phew, hope I remembered it all).

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Oh dear, it has just happened again. Seems I was not logged in so it cancelled my post. Ha ha, I had saved it properly this time so just did a paste job.

  • posted by Elle-Mae

    Oh Sunshine-Girl you did make me laugh. Can’t count the times I have hit control v instead of c, at work, it’s very aggravating πŸ˜‚πŸ˜. Been good this week and lost another lb πŸ˜ƒ. 10 lb in all. Now to fit in my walk and pack for going to Scotland leaving at 2.30 this morning so early night for us.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, do you want the good news or the bad news first. Okay bad news to get it out of the way. We have cancelled our trip to England. Heard on the news last night that Boris is considering putting France into the red zone because of the rise in the Beta variant so we would be banned. Monsieur Macron is talking about putting the UK into the red zone because of the Delta variant so, again we would be banned from going and/or from coming back. In all this mess and if we didnt amend out booking by Sunday evening we would lose all the money (around Β£500) as we have up to 7 days before the sailing to make amendments. Obviously if the ferry cancels we will be refunded but that is a chance we cannot take as most of it was paid out of a previous cancellation voucher and that would not be included in any refund and that was around Β£350. Now I have to tell my daughter we are not going. I dont think she will be surprised as she said yesterday as she thinks her dad is scared of coming to England. Yes we are. We live in the middle of nowhere, go to the supermarket once a week and dont talk to anyone except neighbours from a distance.

    The good news. We have moved our booking for October and please, please, please let everything be sorted by then. Our family is visiting us at the end of August and, again please let it be sorted. We are getting excited planning for their visit and cleaning the house (yipee) and searching out all the extra bedding for 5 kids and 2 adults.

    Some more good news. I have somehow lost a kilo since Monday. Saw a new number on the scales and let out a yell. Hubby said “is that a gain or have you lost” he knows me so well. No cheeky drink this weekend as I want to keep it off. Whenever I go under a number I alway vow not to see that number again. Invariably I do dip up a bit and then drop back down but it makes me even more determined.

    I have just been listening to Dr Jason Fung and he was explaining what injecting insulin does to the body. He explained that if you are eating 2000 calories and your body is burning at that rate your body will use 2000 calories. If you inject 100 units of insulin (which is a lot but not unusual) your body will take 1000 calories and store it somewhere (not sure of the details) and that is 1000 calories you can never get rid of and your body is living on 1000 calories so you will be nutrient deprived as well as having 1000 calories hanging around. I was on 37 units (lets say 40 for ease) so my body would hang on to or blocking the use of 400 calories. Imagine it like eating an extra 400 calories that the body has no idea what to do with and cannot use. As I have reduced the insulin my body is able to burn more calories – hence more weight loss. The more weight I lose the less insulin I need and so it goes on so I have just got to keep this up.

    Announcement – I have gone down from 37 units of insulin (370 calories extra) to 15 units (150 calories extra) – more weight off.

    Sorry if that is boring for most of you but it always reminds me of why I am doing this day in day out. Maybe one day I will be insulin and needle free.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

  • posted by Jeremy Fisher

    Sunshire-girl… Re your computer problems. Did you try Cntl-z after you hit cntl-v? Normally that gets back what you’ve just accidentally lost? Press it a few times if you want to go back a few more ‘deletes’.

    More importantly, good to hear of your progress. It’s Jason Fung that’s inspired me to try fasting – which continues to go well, although I’m currently feeling very hungry with another 2 hours to go before I can eat anything today! No more brain fog though, so my body’s obviously adjusting well.

    Time for me to exercise again now – having had many weeks off. I’ll aim to exercise over the weekend and let you all know if I fail to hold myself accountable.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Thanks for that Jeremy. I will try that. I can experiment with a blank page in my Office prog. I am currently binge watching Jason Fung. Right now on intermittent fasting which is okay for me. Being diabetic I know I cannot go too long without food so wouldnt try a full day fast. Today I did fro, 8.30 pm to 1.00 pm so completely missed breakfast. I am new to this but really believe it has helped improve my BG numbers and I am doing it every night. Good luck with the exercise, I am hoping to have a swim this afternoon.

  • posted by Jeremy Fisher

    Are you watching Jason Fung on youtube sunshine-girl? If so are there any ones you’d particularly recommend?

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Yes on YouTube. Dont know what to recommend because my interest is diabetes and insulin. Just type in Jason Fung and take a punt at a title that sounds of interest to you. Just watched Fasting as a Theraputic Option for Weight Loss. It is over an hour and a lot of the video concentrates on what is wrong with how we are doing things, how much and often we eat and what rubbish we are told by medical, nutrition people. It think most of us here have been here, done that.

    It appears the bottom line for medical advice is ‘if there is no money in it, why bother’. There is no money for big pharma in us being told to fast and throw away the meds – or in my case, reduce meds.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hope you are all having a great weekend. Dont forget the suncream. For us it is around 30 degrees and I will be going in for a swim a bit later but it is too hot right now. People ask my ‘how can it be too hot to swim’, well there is no shade over our pool and the sun is beating down and reflecting back. If it stays hot I go in wearing a T-shirt and I always wear a hat and factor 50 on my face.

    Told daughter we are not going next week and she is just chilled about it. She might even have to cancel the August visit but is doing what I did and hanging on until she absolutely cannot cancel and get her money back. We are getting sick of saying just lets wait and see, fingers crossed, it should all be over by …. date. But there is no good getting upset about it as it is just what it is.

    To make up for us missing daughter’s finaces birthday party we have booked a table at our favourite restaurant. Hopefully we will be on the terrace out in the fresh air and sunshine.

    Bon continuation tout le monde. Or keep on keeping on…

  • posted by Jeremy Fisher

    A good week with a 2.5lb loss (low carb + 3 fast days) and no brain fog during fast days (hooray).
    My energy levels are now higher too. I keep waiting for the typical tiredness I get during the day to kick-in and yet it doesn’t. One of my key motivations for starting 8 weeks ago was how I was feeling – like an old man (I’m 51 but felt 20 years old) with a lot of aches and pains, asthma at its worst for years and very low energy. My energy levels are really very different now, the aches and pains less and I’m currently off my asthma medication (although I’m not sure if that can be attributed to the diet!).

    Overall – huge progress on the ‘wellness’ front, but a long way to go weightwise.


    I had a very depressing visit to the shops at the weekend trying on T-shirts. Pre-lockdown I was a regular visitor to the gym and was reasonably muscly, so even when I put on weight, I still had a decent shape. I haven’t been to the gym since first lockdown and all that’s gone, to be replaced with flob. So, not only had a got to my heaviest weight ever, I was also the most flobby I’d ever been. Looking at myself wearing t-shirts in the changing rooms was horrendous and depressing. But on the positive side it’s motivated me to get back to it and so the plan is to get back to the gym this week.

    Although I also have to admit that my promise on Friday to exercise on hear didn’t materialise
    My big goal for the next week is to start exercising again.
    Weeks 1-3: A bit of a false start – one good week and 2 bad and lost 1lb overall
    Week 4: Started intermittent fasting, finding fasting difficult, brain fog in afternoons – lost 1lb – total loss = 2lb
    Week 5: Brain fog much improved – getting used to it! Gain 2lbs. Total loss = 0lb
    Week 6: Continued 3 24 hour fasts a week. Lost 2lbs. Total loss = 2lbs
    Week 7: 2 fasts this week plus added low carb all week. Lost 1.5lbs. Total loss – 3.5lbs
    Week 8: 3 fasts + low carb. No brain fog anymore. Lost 2.5lbs. Total loss – 6lbs. No exercise in the last 5 weeks.

  • posted by Tulip1

    Hi all, I am very late to the party this week! I just remembered I hadn’t even logged in to look….
    And my diet has been screwy again too, along with my mental health….I now appear to have gained 3 lbs (hadn’t weighed for a few days)….which is not good.
    So I have started with a good bteakfast and need to keep it up!!
    Love to all, T xxx

  • posted by SunnyB

    SG, sorry things aren’t looking too good for your daughter and family to visit in August…. feel your frustration. Glad you haven’t been too knocked off kilter by the situation and are finding a way to lift your spirits.
    Jeremy, sounds like you’ve hit your groove and things are going really well …. keep going.
    Tulip, rest assured those three pounds will be largely water weight, so getting back on track will soon see them despatched. Great that you have immediately shifted focus and made a fresh start this morning. Hope the test of the day goes well too.

    This past week, despite a couple of deviations from plan, the scales show a small shift in the right direction. Going to make today a fast day I think …. well, at least 20hrs.

    Hope your weekend has been a good one and we can all make this coming week count…. watch out for a new thread this eveningπŸ™‚

  • posted by RubyG

    RubyG and hubby are still here, albeit having been walkabout the past 2 weeks while we were on annual leave.

    I have skimmed the posts, seems we are all in different places but finding the support we need from here πŸ™‚

    We have both more-or-less maintained, with no conscious tracking, but keeping low carb as a basic principle.
    At the restaurant meal, neither of us felt like chips on the day, so green salad it was, accompanied by a pile of seafood (some of it battered, but not all), and at one of the family meals we each had a piece of pork pie and a couple of crackers – tiny carb portions compared to our previous lifestyle, and not repeated day after day.

    With the current hot weather in the UK, we are living on BBQ and salad (last night was monkfish tail accompanied by fennel and lemon achar with some samphire.

    Sorry to hear about other countries lockdowns and cancelled holidays and family trips. Today is “freedom day” in the UK, but with approximately 50k cases being reported every day, I am not planning on any crowd contact – we are both double-jabbed but that doesn’t mean we won’t catch it, and I also have no desire to be pinged to self-isolate for 10 days because I’ve been in contact with a positive case. So we are carrying on with our limited contact with others, weekly farm shop pick-up, fortnightly supermarket run, etc. and occasional garden meet-ups with close friends. We’re both still working from home and avoiding public transport.

    Have a good week everyone, wherever you are and whatever your current situation.

  • posted by Elle-Mae

    On holiday in Scotland, mostly eating low carb as best as I can, except for just 2 ice creams and a taste of OH’s cheesecake last night.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone.

    Tulip this is a party that is always open.
    RubyG, great to see you back after your short break and managing to maintain.
    Elle-mae, enjoy Scotland – watch out for the midges πŸ™‚
    Jeremy – great to see you have got yourself into a routine that is working for you. Keep away from those carbs and they wont come knocking on your brain. You will soon be looking great in those T shirts once you get back into the gym routine. That is what exercise is good for. Not so good for losing weight but great for toning and shaping.

    I have survived the weekend. Just. Saturday I had a couple of vodkas and gained 0.4 kilo. How come when I had also done a load of swimming. I know, calories in and calories out are a myth. Sunday night around 9.30 I said to hubby that I could be easily tempted. He knew exactly what I was talking about and he said, oh no you wont. So I didnt and lost 0.3 kilo and it has kept me well on track. So instead of starting the week trying to re-lose and get back down I am well ahead of the game and hoping for great things by the end of this week. Only just under 2 weeks to the big party that I wont be allowed to go to but we will be having a good time at the restaurant to make up for it – hopefully another kilo down before that.

    Have a great week and keep on keeping on… Despite everything I am feeling okay.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Evening everyone, our good friend Wendy once again finds herself with a lot going on, so has ask that I set up the new weekly thread for the coming week …. which has now been done.

    Please hop over there and make the coming week’s thread as lively as this one has been. Hope to see you all there πŸ™‚πŸ‘πŸ»

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