Oh no ! Is this keto flu?

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  • posted by MenopausalMel

    Hello all.
    Since Saturday mid afternoon I’ve been feeling dreadful! I started the morning with an hours swim and felt great however around 4pm I felt dizzy and just wanted to lay down. By 8pm I was in bed and stayed there the rest of the evening. I’m ashamed to say at around 6.15pm I was attending a church service with my wife and had to leave as I felt like I was going to faint! I jumped in the car and headed straight to the well known burger chain drive through to get a cheeseburger and small fries. I took a small bite of the burger and just couldn’t face it without feeling really nauseous. Hence to say neither burger or fries were consumed. I guess I was thinking I needed a carb/ sugar hit to alleviate the symptoms as I was desperately trying not to wipe out the weekend.
    I felt ok yesterday, not 100% but able to enjoy the day. Saturday my only food intake was a few almonds as I would usually eat my main/only meal at around 7-8pm. This has been working for me for weeks without any symptoms or feelings of hunger. My fluid intake is good and I drink plenty of water.
    I’ve recently bought some Maldon sea salt as I have read this is a good source of electrolytes.
    I’ve also ordered some Premium C8 MCT oil as I’ve been doing a little bit of research on the benefits it can have. Has anyone had any experience of keto flu? Know of any good remedies to alleviate symptoms? Does MCT oil alleviate some of the symptoms like I have read? I have work tomorrow and am on my feet most of the day from 7.30am-6.00pm. My symptoms are lethargy, light headedness, a little achy and a little nauseous. I’m also struggling to get to sleep at the moment too. I want the energy and vigour I’ve been enjoying the past few weeks! Also advice about MCT oil would be very much appreciated. Many thanks and happy bank holiday to all that are lucky enough to be not having to work it !

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