Non-food treats

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  • posted by arcticfox

    Hi everyone,
    I thought I would start a new thread on this rather than putting it in the weekly thread so that it could potentially become a resource for people (especially us with emotional eating tendencies) looking for things to reward themselves with that don’t involve food. I’ll start the list with things that I have discovered have helped me to feel rewarded or better about life and hope that others will join in and we can get a list of lots of ideas.
    Here it goes:
    – A bath with scented epsom salts after a long day
    – Planting seeds or starter plants in the pots on my balcony
    – Finding a new book (either buying it in a shop or getting it out of the library)
    – Reading a good book
    – Going swing dancing
    – Watching clips of swing dancing from old movies (especially good if I’m too tired to actually go swing dancing). The music is so upbeat and it sticks in my head for hours and then I will dance a bit around the house as I move from room to room. It makes sense if you think about the era and how many of these films were made during the war and were designed to distract people from the misery of life at that time. I can see why they were so popular!
    – Going for a walk with some work colleagues at lunch or on breaks

    Any other ideas or things you do? I think I still need some more things that I can use at work that will make me feel a bit better about things, so I’ll keep thinking on this too.

  • posted by Elky

    Hi Arcticfox,

    I think this list is a brilliant idea, thank you so much for starting it. I agree wholeheartedly with you on the reading thing. And I didn’t know scented Epsom salts existed so thank for that tip!

    A couple of contributions from me to keep it going:

    – A massage, either a luxurious full body one or just a 15 minute scalp or foot or hand massage.

    – A pedicure or manicure.

    – Pottering in the garden (depending on mood the big jobs like bed clearing can feel like work, but a gentle potter just dead heading a few things and admiring new growth is usually a pleasure).

    – Cleaning the workspace. I know this sounds weird, and it probably only works in an office environment, but computers attract dust and a quick 10 or 15 minute blitz with some spray cleaner and paper towels on the desk always leaves me feeling brighter. And it distracts me when the fund raising chocolates are starting to look tempting. YMMV.

    – Craft activities, if you’re into it. Knitting, embroidery, etc. It’s relaxing and I can see my progress (and I can’t be stuffing my face while I’m doing it because my hands are busy).

    – Time with nature. Sitting in a leafy park or garden, a walk around the streets checking out people’s gardens, a hike, anything that gets me outside in nature.

    – Finding a lovely scented candle and burning it for a bit (unless they give you asthma).

    – Finding and using a lovely scented body moisturiser before bed. (Instead of ‘saving it for good’!)

    You know, just writing this list has reminded me to *do* some of these things more. Thanks for the prompt Arcticfox.

  • posted by Elky

    Sorry, one more I forgot:

    – Make the bed with clean sheets. I know this is really minor and domestic, but I reckon the feeling of sliding into a freshly made bed is one of life’s little pleasures.

  • posted by WoodDuckie

    Hi Arcticfox, Elky and others reading here! Lovely ideas and different slant on another thread for positives! Yeah!!!
    1. I TOTALLY agree on the clean sheets treat! ESPECIALLY if they have been breeze and sun-dried!!! AND a spray of my favourite perfume under the pillow!
    2. I LOVE finding the odd flower and adding some greenery from my rambling “garden” to make small vase decorations – especially after Ive scoured the bathroom/s. Today I have some lavender “bush” and a few scant stems of the “out of season/step” flowers – aroma and visual right there for me today. And BONUS!!! the “job” extended my fast!!
    For me,
    (3) FINISHING things is much cause for self elation here. For me it represents achievement/s. Like this week – (3:1) FINISHING my wardrobe and drawers cull – a massive job for many reasons. Ironing board and mending needs can be put away. (3:2) FINISHING transcribing diary notes from 1995 while on a 6 weeks trip with a friend who is now in full-time care, and Im about to visit for a few days. (3:3) Some smooth body lotion applied liberally after a long hot shower – particularly if Ive been doing gardening o housecleaning.
    (4) Surprising someone – either with a phone call, spur of the moment visit – bunch of flowers. The sound of their voice or sparkle in their eyes is so rewarding 🙂 Puts a spring in my step.
    (5) Attempting something outrageous! In two weeks time . . . Im excited rather than nervous about joining a Zumba class . . . the thought of my saggy bits being scrunched into tights/leggings with an oversize T’Shirt hopefully covering everything else which moves which such unsolicited independence these days – while I do my best to bop along with (maybe) those at the beginning of their younger life’s experiences with toned “everything” – gives me cause to smile inwardly and THAT shines through 🙂 Hope they play Little Ole’ Lady From Pasadena just for me! GO GRANNIE GO!!! (I might even ask them if they will!!!) – Quack Quack!

  • posted by Squidge

    What a brilliant idea this is! I love that as well as being calorie free, many of the things mentioned don’t involve spending lots of money.

    Gardening, reading and going for walks are some of my favourite things too.

  • posted by sixturkeys

    Duckie, bits moving with unsolicited independence – that is so funny! And I’m sure not the case – Zumba with pompoms could be the new thing. Though after your three wheeled motorbike experience in NZ, it sounds quite tame…. I agree that the non-food positives are great. I would add cleaning windows…I should make it a more frequent chore, but v satisfying when I do do it (is that really sad?).

  • posted by caronl

    1) A visit to the hairdressers. Can’t beat it!
    2) Starting the day with classicFM rather than depressing Brexit news on the Today programme.
    3) Doing a good turn – an act of kindness. Spread the treat!
    4) Planting some more colour in the garden.
    5) Taking and sharing some good photos.

  • posted by JGwen

    Thank you for setting up this thread, I think its a great idea.
    I love spending time with old trees, the ones where they are twisted into interesting shapes.
    I like being on a swing or using a rocking chair. – I found a similar experience yesterday when I tried for the first time to use a spinning wheel. –
    Making time to read a book in the sunshine.
    Finding a quiet time to read the Sunday newspaper in peace.
    Spending my time doing things that wouldn’t have been possible because of weight / lack of energy when I started this WoE.

  • posted by wendleg

    1) Finding earrings on the market while shopping for greens !!!
    2) Earrrings full stop 😉 😉

  • posted by Birdy76

    Fab idea Articfox thank you.

    I love walking my dogs in the woods when the sun is shining as it is cooler but the sun shining through the trees on unexpected treasures on the woods floor. Relaxing on the back step in my beautiful garden and drinking a coffee. I also love to read too. The simple pleasures in life are the best. I am also a big daydreamer to and love nothing more than dreaming of living in France at the moment. Life is good! This forum is good and all you guys are top bananas❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • posted by Squidge

    WoodDuckie, I picked myself a few garden flowers today, including pinks and jasmine. The bathroom now smells AMAZING! I love scented flowers in the garden, but they have even more impact indoors.

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