Newbie: 2 weeks weight loss, 2 weeks no loss

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  • posted by Loobybeanie

    Hello All,
    I’ve just found this site today and quite new to all of this so hoping for some help please.
    I started the fast800 4 weeks ago. My aim initially was to try and stick to something for more than a day without resorting to junk food and carbs.
    So I’m really enjoying the food and have managed 3 meals a day from the book and no snacks. I wasn’t sticking to exactly 800 calories. More trying to have 3 meals that I liked and stick to it.
    The first 2 weeks I lost 8.5lbs. The second 2 weeks I’ve lost nothing. So feeling a bit despondent.
    I’m only 5ft so the calorie defecit maybe hasn’t been as big as it should be since I’ve not made sure I’m only having 800 calories. I’m also not doing more exercise.
    So this week I’m going to aim for 800 calories and walking everyday. Is there anything else you would recommend I do? Thanks for your advice


  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi there, it seems you are doing the right thing – firstly by not giving up at this stage. It is normal for a bit of a plateau after such a big weight loss, your body tries to remain stable so it will hang onto what weight it has left. When it sees you are not going to starve it, it will kick start back into loss. This is the time most people get fed up but believe me it will be worth it.

    Maybe being a bit stricter on the cals. Also, don’t use the calories count for the recipes, they are so often way off being correct – log into something like Myfitnesspal or some other site that will give you a more accurate count. Also, the walking will do you good in so many ways as long as you dont try to compensate with more calories. Our bodies don’t work like that – calories in calories out is such outdated thinking. Try watching some videos with either Dr Jason Fung or Dr Bikman.

    Also, have a look at the weekly or monthly threads currently running where a lot of members hang out. You will be made welcome.

    Good luck.

  • posted by Loobybeanie

    Hi Sunshine girl,
    Thanks so much for your encouragement and advice. It’s just what I needed today. I’ll get my fitness pal and will have a look for the videos.
    It’s reassuring to hear that this seems normal. I’ll navigate my way around and find those others threads. Thank you 😊

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