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  • posted by Fifty2Nifty

    Hi all. This was going to be a quick introduction, but not quite so quick as I’d hoped. Sorry about that!

    I’m a long-term vegetarian who, with hindsight, ate far too many carbs and not enough veggies! I used to keep myself in shape by cycling and doing yoga, until about 12 years ago, when knee problems meant I started doing these things less and less, and so went into a downward spiral, losing fitness and gaining weight. I can see that losing muscle (despite exercising) was the start of all my problems, slowing my metabolism, but I have also suffered a lot of stress in my life and this led to adrenal fatigue, and I am guessing insulin resistance. At my worst point, a few years ago, I couldn’t breathe, and even slight exertion made me breathless. Prior to this low point, I had got back into exercise with a newly discovered love of running, but then found I couldn’t even do that. With a lot of independent research and trial and error, I managed to improve my thyroid function and can now breathe again. Disappointingly, my GP was of no help.

    A few months ago, after more research, and reading Michaels’ many books, I realised that addressing my diet is the best way to regain my health (and in turn, lose weight), and get back to doing all the active things I’ve always loved to do. For several months now, I have cut out all that nasty ‘white’ stuff (I rarely eat bread, pasta or rice at all) and increased my intake of veggies and protein. Whilst these things have helped me feel a bit better (especially as regards bloating and stomach issues), they have done nothing to help weight loss. I joined the gym about two months ago, and really enjoyed it – for a couple of weeks, until I felt exhausted. Still no change in muscle mass or weight, and a creeping feeling of despondency that no matter what I do, I will never improve now. I should add that at this point, I also weaned myself off my (non-prescribed) thyroid meds. I have since continued to ‘eat healthily’ exercise regularly’ and have gained a stone in weight.

    Time for yet another ‘fresh approach’. Back to the GP to ask for help with weightloss/fatigue issues, and I’m being sent for blood tests (which always came back ‘normal’ every time before). I’ve tried fasting previously and it made me feel quite ill (research suggests it might not be a good approach with adrenal/thyroid issues), and low-fat dieting was even worse. Everything seems to be pointing to insulin resistance/metabolic syndrome, for which the BSD sounds like the way to go. So here I am, knowing that chances of success are higher with a strong community beside you, feeling the desire to succeed, if feeling somewhat low in myself at present. I know results are the best motivator out there, I just need to see some now.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Welcome aboard Fity2Nifty – sounds like you have been through the mill one way and another and trying to cope with little support to boot. Congratulations on all the research and taking the decision to try BSD, which I’m sure you will find beneficial to your health and well being.

    For support on the BSD you are definitely in the right place and I would encourage you to join the weekly thread – One Week at a Time, which is populated by lots of lovely folks at varying stages along their BSD path. They are all eager to offer encouragement and support and we share our experiences and knowledge to help everyone get to where they want to be.

    I hope that you will join any thread that resonates with you, as you will receive a warm welcome and should hopefully find like minded people to share your journey. Best wishes to you and hope you will soon be reporting positive results.

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Fifty2Nifty,

    I really admire you for doing the research and finding your way here. I think you’re completely doing the right thing giving this a go and you’ll be a great resource for us as we go on together. xx

    When I first did the BSD I had just been diagnosed with Type II diabetes, had a lot of weight to lose, and was a serial failed dieter. I also got very little support from my healthcare team – in fact just lots of mixed messages. So I can empathise when you say you’re feeling low in yourself. I also thought I wasn’t going to improve my health no matter what I did. But this way of eating has improved my health out of sight (my type II is in remission, my arthritis has improved no end, other health markers e.g. BP are better). Lots of people on here will tell you the same.

    Can I ask question – do you count how many carbs you have each day. MM doesn’t really focus on a figure for daily carbs but it may be that you need to reduce the number of carbs per day to help with both the weight loss and the insulin resistance. Everybody is different in terms of how low they need to go – some people limit them to 50g, 30g, 20g per day – it’s trial and error really. I’ve heard people suggest starting at maybe 100g or 50g and then slowly dropping if needed. .

    In relation to exercise when I first did BSD I didn’t do any exercise, just concentrated on the diet. It all still worked. (Part way through I did start walking and then went to exercise classes/the gym – like you I’ve really struggled to improve muscle mass! – a work in progress – it’ll be interesting to compare notes at some time).

    If you haven’t found them already and MyFitnessPal are both good resources for calculating your daily carbs and cals intake and has all sorts of great info. There is also a thread on here ‘Take a look at This’ with lots of info/links to different ‘experts’ which might be valuable.

    Apologies if I’m teaching granny to suck eggs – oh, and for calling you granny!

    By the way, love the long introduction and I love the name.

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi fifty2nifty. I sounds like we have had a similar range of experiences in life.
    I am a life time vegetarian who ate a carb high diet so was overweight but fit most of my life. However I suffered most of my life from being cold and tiredness and although I was eating low calorie I was overweight. = Multiple trips to doctors for blood tests with a suspected thyroid problem, but the blood tests always came back borderline in the normal range. I found a private doctor who did treat on symptoms and felt better when taking T4, but I also found that my heart rate increased dramatically from the medication. Then a fall were I landed with my foot back under my leg braking the bones on both side of my ankle left me laid up unable to put my foot to the floor for 6 months. The bone fragments were still in place so by not putting any weight on the leg I could avoid surgery and plates and screws to rebuild the ankle. During that time I put on lots of weight, and once I was able to walk again I was still suffering pain in the ankle so couldn’t walk on uneven surfaces, or return to riding. I ended up in a downward spiral of comfort eating and weight gain, and thinking that I would never have the opportunity now to do all the things in life that I wanted to do. A serious brush with sepsis, which involved 7 weeks of antibiotics brought the blood sugar book into my life. (Was looking for advice on improving gut bacteria had the choice of paying postage or adding the BSD book to the order and I was attracted by the promise of a rapid weight loss over 8 weeks). I started cutting out the “big white” carbs of sugar, bread, pasta, pizza, rice back in October 2017. Then I moved on to using the app fatsecret to bring my carb levels lower. So far I am down 90lbs, which takes me to half a stone less than my “normal” adult weight and I am back to my normal adult dress size. And I am back to riding. And enjoying life.
    My advice is use an app like fatsecret to monitor the amount of carbs you are having daily, then work to adjust them down. I started by getting below 50g a day which was enough to cause a substantial weight loss and help rid me of carb cravings. Then start to incorporate time restricted eating into your day to help you reduce carb levels further. The supplement I would recommend to anyone is who wants to combine fat burning with exercise but particularly to a vegi is L-carnitine. – It is essential in transporting fat into the muscles to use as a fuel source, however the principle source in our diets is meat, and the next top 8 out of the top 10 sources are off the menu if you are eating low carb. So unless you want to eat lots and lots of asparagus every day you need to supplement.
    Finally, the take a look at this thread is a valuable resource. I would particularly recommend the link to Dr Bikmans podcasts which I posted about a year ago.

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