Mouth ulcers

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  • posted by R2020

    Hi, posted earlier about disturbed sleep since starting BSD 2 weeks ago, also forgot to ask about mouth ulcers…. Anyone else found they cropped up at the beginning. I’ve had 2 massive mouth ulcers this week.

    Alo very irritable and had to increase my calories to survive the day (still no carbs as had nuts and cheese) but way more calories than should have had.

    I’m worried my calories are going to creep up as I start to feel more tired and run down.

  • posted by Nixi

    Hi R2020
    I didn’t suffer mouth ulcers when I started BSD but used to have them regularly when I was younger. My dentist recommended using aloe vera toothpaste (from health food shops). It was soothing to use and if I developed an ulcer, I just rubbed the toothpaste on neat. Hope this helps. I think I remember the dentist also saying that some women have ulcers at period time.

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