Low carb without a gallbladder

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  • posted by Jadelikescake

    Good evening all,

    I’m not new to the BSD, I read it a couple of years ago after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I immediately resolved to turn my health around and after adopting a high fat/mod protein/low carb (keto) way of eating along with intermittent fasting I managed put it into remission. Then followed a turbulent couple of years having my gallbladder out, finding out I was pregnant and having a baby. The diabetes came back in pregnancy and hasn’t left but now I don’t have a gallbladder I’m having a really hard time adhering to the high fat/mod protein/low carb way of eating that I used to love and felt my best on because my body can’t tolerate fat no matter how many digestive enzyme or ox bile tablets I take.

    I’d really love some advice from people who’ve utilised meal replacement shakes to achieve success with bringing down their blood sugar, losing weight and/or reversing diabetes.

    I’m starting to worry now if I’m honest and would love to hear from anyone who’s managed to keep their blood sugar low without eating lots of lovely fat.

    Thank you in advance.


  • posted by Verano

    Hi Jade although I’ve not used shakes I have just read Prof. Roy Taylor’s book “Living Without Diabetes”. His plan is a three stage plan starting with 8 to 12 weeks using shakes or an 800 calorie plan. There isn’t any emphasis on high fat so may suit you better. The book was serialised in the Daily Mail from around January 11th and is accessible online. May be worth a look.

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