Just so desperately tired

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  • posted by Jennyeb

    So I’ve lost nearly 5kg in six weeks, which is excellent for me – it’s just that I feel so bone crushingly tired all the time. I’m well hydrated, I take electrolytes if I need them (cramps) I’m sleeping well, but the tiredness is horrible.
    I do have a small problem with chronic fatigue, anyway….but this diet seems to be making the fatigue worse and I’m wondering how long I can sustain this program.
    Any ideas?

  • posted by Firefox7275

    By “small problem” do you mean you are diagnosed with CFS? If so, there are links with certain micronutrient (minerals/ vitamins/ essential fatty acids) deficiencies and an unhealthy gut microbiome. For these it is very important to eat a properly balanced and very varied wholefood diet.

    If your cramps are related to low electrolytes/ trace minerals/ body salts (micronutrients), it is preferable to avoid this happening with a properly balanced and very varied wholefood diet, rather than waiting until after you have symptoms.

    A couple of weeks ago I posted
    “Jennyeb: I wonder if your overall electrolyte/ body salts/ mineral balance might be off at present, not just the magnesium? Are you eating plenty of mineral-rich foods every day? As above certain seeds, nuts, cocoa powder and cacao nibs all fit well with this way of eating.”
    Have you managed to do this?

    HTH! 🙂

  • posted by Jennyeb

    Hi there,
    I have one working lung, effectively (due to hemi- diaphragm paralysis) and sleep apnoea due to obesity. I was offered diaphragm plication but was told if I lost weight I wouldn’t need the operation – which carried risks I wasn’t keen on. I get fatigue which my consultant described like waking up every morning with an awful hangover!

    I’m pleased to say my condition has improved, even just losing 5 kilos.

    I use nuts, seeds, berries, some grains, pulses, salad vegetables, good oils, fresh ginger, fresh herbs, a variety of (above ground) vegetables and good quality eggs, meat, fish and chicken. My vice includes cream in my coffee and one to many dark chocolate buttons! I don’t smoke or drink. I stay hydrated. I take magnesium supplements for restless legs.

    I’m finding the fatigue comes and goes – but when it hits, I slump. I also crave carbs after I’ve eaten in the evening – I’ve not given in though! Which is awesome for me!
    Any thoughts or ideas would be great!

  • posted by Vivagee

    Hi Jennyeb, sorry you’re feeling so tired! I know it can make it so much harder to stick to a diet, so well done for perservering.

    I’ve got an autoimmune condition that can cause fatigue. I’ve lost 16kg (through a mix of keto diet and this one) and between the weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, I am feeling way better. One of the keys I’ve found with the fatigue is to find the right balance between exercise and rest. I know it can be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re really tired, but the turning point for me was starting hydrotherapy (on my doctor’s advice). I have slowly graduated to getting back to proper swimming, and am now also doing yoga and pilates as well as a brisk walk once a day. This is a far cry from where I was a year ago.

    At the same time, I know that sometimes when I’m tired I just need to rest – not always easy with 2 young kids, but my husband is much better now at understanding this thankfully!

    I’m not sure if you can exercise with your lung condition, but perhaps talk to your dr and see what you can manage. Even a 20 minute walk outside can really help.

    The other fairly obvious thing is iron – have you had your levels checked? My GPsaid that even at the low levels of normal, you can feel tired.

    Finally, on carb craving after dinner, I used to get that sometimes too. I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve almost always had something sweet after dinner (even if it’s just fruit), so perhaps it’s a habit. I still usually have something a bit sweet, but try to keep it pretty low sugar/carb and with fat – eg a square of 85% choc and a few almonds. We used to have chocolate buttons for the kids, but I got rid of them because it’s too easy to overeat (and even the dark ones are quite high in sugar).

    Hope some of that helps, keep carrying on!

  • posted by Jennyeb

    Hi Vivagee,
    Thanks for your comments,
    I can do more than I used to be able to – I recently decorated a room, so with shifting furniture and climbing up and down ladders I felt quite virtuous! I know I will have to do more but I’ve got a real attitude problem about exercise!

    The iron advice is a good idea!

    As regards fatigue, sometimes it’s more mental effort than anything……but the tendency I have is to beat myself up if I’m tired, perhaps that’s part of the problem!

    Thanks for your ideas!

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