intermittent fasting: advice please :-)

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  • posted by sam71

    I am starting now with 800 BDS. I am happy with fasting, I am doing 4 months now and don’t want to stop for several reason (especially now with covid). I bought the book, 8 weeks BSD, and I see the last pages are a plan for 8 week which include 3 meals a day.
    I usually have last meal at 6pm, fast until 2pm the day after. If I have a meal at 2, for me would be difficult to have another one at 6pm because I am not hungry. WHat are your advices?

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hi Sam and welcome…. many of us only eat twice a day and tailor our eating plan to fit in with our life styles and the individual needs of our bodies.

    I would advise following your usual eating pattern and adjusting your calorie and carb intake to align with the 800.

    Hope that helps…. beat wishes

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