injury whilst exercising (Advise please)

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  • posted by Marinecole

    On week 3 (of 4) of my yearly BSD maintenance, going well. However, I have manage to cause some muscle or ligament damage to my lower back whilst training and this injury is persisting. I am wondering if the the low calories and hence low nutrients is affecting my recovery. Anybody have a position or advise on this?



  • posted by Theodora

    Hi Marinecole

    Sorry to hear about your injury, and hope it improves soon. I know what back problems are like, so you have my utmost sympathy. You could try eating more olives, nuts, avocados, flaxseeds etc, as the oils from these have an anti-inflammatory effect. You may also need a bit of extra protein to help muscle / ligament healing. Fish oils also have anti-inflammatory properties, so increasing your intake of oily fish would cover both protein and anti-inflammatories.

    Also, turmeric has wonderful healing properties and many of my friends swear by Turmeric (or Golden) Paste – google it for recipes.There is nothing in it that wouldn’t totally fit in with the BSD – my friends’ recipe consists of turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper and water. You can add it to anything you like – drinks, eggs etc.

    Hope this helps and you are well on the way to recovery soon.

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