I am a Sweet Tooth

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  • posted by Lipgloss

    I just joined and am reading the book. Will need help in overcoming my sweet tooth. I don’t eat a packet of biscuits or block of chocolate – but when I crave something sweet, fruit doesn’t cut it. On previous diets tried sugar-free jelly etc (moderately successful). Any hints and tricks from the experienced dieters would be welcome.

  • posted by SunnyB

    Hi Lipgloss – welcome. The BSD is about retraining our palate and approach to what we consume. If you have a sweet tooth it can be rather challenging, but it is still possible. Do the cravings hit you often? If not, you have a chance to get ahead of the game, by beginning to retrain your palate soon, so that you are better prepared when it does hit.

    Whilst it’s not ideal, as the sweetness still affects the blood sugar levels, artificial sweeteners can be used, but it’s better if you can avoid them. Do you think you can ween yourself onto things like dark chocolate or berries to sate cravings? Thinks like vanilla, cinnamon and cardamom give an illusion of sweetness, so they can be useful as well.

    I hope you will give the BSD a chance and see what you can do with it. Do think about joining other threads on the forum too, especially the weekly – One Week at a Time – thread, as this is a great place for gaining advice, encouragement and support.
    Whatever path you choose to take, best wishes for achieving your goals.

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