Hypothyroid with a fatty liver

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  • posted by devonian_een

    Hi all
    So I am about 10 days into serious dieting, halving my intake and cutting carbs and breads. Some good looking recipe ideas in the 8 week blood sugar diet and some healthier changes to the intake should make for a better lifestyle. Lost almost 3kg already, down from 94kg, and looking slimmer already. With a BMI in the low obese category and a family history of diabetes, a fatty liver in my abdomen ultrasound was the last thing I wanted to hear.
    I am also hypothyroid, since birth (living proof that newborn heel prick tests actually work!) so energy levels and metabolism often take a back seat. Blood levels have been stable for approx 5 years but probably need to consider reducing my dose with my GP’s input.
    Working on the moving more, it’s great to be out on a bike again and the clocks changing will help. As will swimming pools reopening hopefully soon if UK lockdowns allow.
    Wish me luck !!
    Een 34 of Devon UK

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