Hi, Starting 5:2 Today

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  • posted by five_two_gal

    I’ve tried 5:2 before, but because I have high blood sugar (pre-diabetes), I just couldn’t stick to 500 calories on my fasting day. I have the Blood Sugar Diet book, and it’s heartening to know I can eat up to 800 and still lose weight. I did lose weight before on 5:2, so I know it works, but like I said, that blood sugar can just make you feel starving, and after a while I just gave up on my fasting days and gained back weight.

    This time I’m sticking to the low carb recommendations in the book and also focusing on protein on my fasting days.

    So, I’m already into my first day of low carb fasting, and I can tell you, that extra protein makes all the difference.

    I can do this!

  • posted by Shadow2

    I am justing starting on the 5.2 bsd diet after also doing 5.2 diet which was very successful but wasn’t sensible enough in my eating choices on days off so wasnt sure about my nutrition. I also have tinnitus which gets worse at night if I gave very little to eat and I dont sleep very well. I gave put some weight back on since then and I was diagnosed as pre diabetic a few years ago. Lately I have had a very itchy skin after having biscuits and sugary things (very bad I know) so I have a feeling that my blood glucose levels are up. I am reluctant to go to gp at the moment as I am going on holiday in 7 weeks and I dont want to have anything diagnosed that may affect my travel insurance. I dont know what my levels are so I thought I would get a blood glucose meter to test myself but I dont know anything about them or the procedure. Could anyone give me any suggestions on meters. I think its fabulous having this forum to exchange ideas and get support. Good luck everyone.

  • posted by JaneR

    Hi there, have started and stopped, started and stopped again!! Have lost my mum recently, after caring for her for last 5 years. Now in family turmoil with her estate…very stressful. Finding an excuse every day to not start 5:2. I have put on 4 kilos I had lost…Need to lose 10 kilos…looking for inspiration or a therapist!

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi Jane
    You will find lots of support here – and good advice and information. There are Folks here who are doing 5:2, BSD, Fast800 and all the variations.
    I have done 5:2 successfully, and also in the last year Fast800. (I’m now trying to maintain so I sort of use 5:2 or 5:3 to keep on track).
    If you look under All Recent Posts you will see a “Week beginning ….” thread – so jump on there and leave a message. There is also a monthly thread Motivated and Measured in March, and the Positive Thoughts 🎈🎈 thread has lots of inspiration of things that bring us joy.
    Lots of info under the Search button top right of page.

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