Hi from Costa Rica

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  • posted by grojas123

    Hi, Guys, my name is Gustavo Rojas.
    I live in Costa Rica, this is my second try with the 8-week diet because I recovered the weight. I stared the April 27 with 800 kcal per day. And Now I feel great. I discovered I used food for some kind of stress reliever and pleasure.
    I fell so good I started with 101 Kilos and now I am in 97.1 Kilos. The last time I struggle to achieve my goal 75 Kilos.
    So great be here .

  • posted by SunnyB

    Welcome Gustavo, and congratulations on giving it another go, as well as identifying your eating triggers, which hopefully will make things easier this time round.
    Remember to keep hydration high and to include plenty of food fats too.
    Make good use of the forum, as I found it invaluable in helping me achieve my goal and maintain successfully having got there. The One Week at a Time … thread is a good one to join, as you’ll find lots of knowledge, experience and support there, with posters old and new joining in. But whatever thread you decide to join, you will get a warm welcome.
    Best wishes for every success.

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