Heath Pea – Lathyrus Linifolius – The plant which Staves off Hunger

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  • posted by AuroraMagic

    I’ve been looking for this plant for over 10 yrs.
    I have finally found it. It grows throughout europe.
    “If you eat a hazel nut size part of it’s harvested tubers then you won’t want to eat for 2 to 3 days. Whole tubers can grow as large as your fist, and they are more potent”. “I’d advise that you mix a selection of the tubers in order to get a balanced mount. Put larger pieces in a pepper mill and then grind onto food or just eat a small piece.” Says Dr Brain Moffat when I had a wonderful and most interesting conversation with him just the other day.
    The Romans spoke of it in AD250 as the plant that staved off hunger and gave energy.
    many Armies in the UK have clearly marched on it and found that it gave them energy. When crops failed it was literally a life saver.
    I’ve now sourced this plant and expect to grow it so that I can do what many ancestors have clearly done for centuries, harvest the tubers in early winter, (late autumn) and then dry them out so that I always have stock.
    It tastes like leathery liquorice, Dr B Moffat says. He is and has been researching all the practices carried out many years ago at the site of the Soutra Aisle the medieval hospital in South East Scotland, near to the village of Fala and Gilston on the B6368. It ceretainly dates back to AD 1164. He has evidence of this plant being used to help people along with many other plants to treat illness and for anaesthetics even!
    The plant has 100’s of references up until WWI when it seemed to fall into decline and there were few references to it.
    I’ve found 2 sources to purchases plants and seeds in the UK, and another nursery can order it in.
    – So my plan is to cultivate and try the tubers so it will help me not want to eat at least one day a week.
    If I can fine tune it too, on the days (like today by chance) when I have a ‘hungry day’ I’m hoping to fine tune it so I won’t feel hungry until tomorrow.
    It has been researched by labs and found to have 60 chemicals. It has been tested with chicks and lambs and all tests proven the animals have less fat, and otherwise the same as they peers, but lighter! All tests done hav never failed but they don’t know yet how it works. He just know that it does. He has tried it for himself too. I’ve asked Strathclyde University for their research and that is being looked into. The National Library of Scotland has links on it’s website to some research on this plant too.
    I think it an amazing plant which I hope will help me lost my last half a stone ! 😀

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