Healthy New Me Part 5 : September-October

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  • posted by Dreamscometrue

    Hi everyone

    Just catching up with all recent posts after a trip up north.

    DAWN I also saw your post fine but how annoying you are having such hassle posting. I really hope it gets sorted. And even more important, hope that all the family is recovering well from Covid, especially your FiL?

    NOKIE hope you’re having a great time in Bedford. Have fun! And yes I know what you mean about this thread helping to keep us mindful of our diet even when we don’t want to be!

    JGWEN it sounds like lots is happening with your body and I hope that you see the stubborn belly fat start to shrink soon (that’s my bet noir too). Sounds like you are going to have a fun time tackling It 😀

    MARIET how are you doing? I hope your bad week was just an isolated incident and that last week Was better?

    CATHY how was your trip to Ragdale Hall? I hope that some progress is being made with your treatment? And I love the sound of the badass book!

    1960SMP how are you doing? And are you sleeping any better? You too CATDEE. How’s the exercise regime doing?

    YOWZER, like you I’ve been maintaining but not lost anything this journey. So I’m setting up a new thread now and really want to make this one work . . . 🤞🤞🤞

    The new thread is 8 WEEK CHRSTMAS COUNTDOWN.

    Hope to see many of you there!

    DCT x

  • posted by ClarinetCathy

    Hello everyone
    I am still here and reading about your progress and am going to jump on board the Christmas bus. My weight is on the up and my mood is on the down. My week in Ragdale was just the ticket and at just the perfect time. We had a wonderful week of relaxation.
    I have my first appt at The Christie Hospital on 8th November and I am seeing a professor who I worked for in 2003! I assumed he had retired but he is still there and is a brilliant surgeon so I will be getting fantastic advice and treatment. I am awaiting a further MRI scan of my spine to check there are no other tumours.
    Today I am going to make a massive effort to go back to low carb and healthy eating. It would be fantastic to lose 10lb prior to Christmas. I don’t want to start the New Year with a massive weight hurdle to face. I’ll be facing surgery no doubt too. All being well I will be able to go on a Mediterranean cruise booked for September next year and if I am to have surgery then I need to get some fat off my abdomen asap! Looking forward to boarding the Christmas bus and enjoying the ride to Christmas with you all.
    A fresh start for me today.

  • posted by ADD6605

    Hi everyone.Thanks DCT for setting the new thread up and to you and Yowzer for letting me know my last post went through ok.I’m keeping everything crossed that this one does but if I’m blocked again at least you will all know that that’s why I’m not posting.I weighed myself and only lost 2lb on last journey so hoping for a much better result than that on our new one.Good luck everyone.Dawn X

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