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  • posted by Bobbs

    Hi, I’m now into day 4 and feel like I’ve got the worst flu ever. I know that will pass soon. Hubby feels a bit wobbly but I’ve got the shakes, feel nauseous and sorry if this is TMI also have the runs. This is my fault though. I’ve chronic constipation due to meds and was very constipated just before starting so took laxatives last night, doh! 😫. Now I’ve gone the other way instead.

    We are eating well and I’m sticking strictly to the two books by MM for recipes. I’m having to curb one of my main issues with recipes in that I’m very guilty of just taking the bones of a recipe and then running with it to modify as I feel like it. This time I’m following the recipes exactly well apart from substituting sesame seeds for pine nuts which I detest. The other things that I loathe are celery, walnuts, almonds (unless smoked) I’ve not worked out what I can use instead of these so I just leave them out, any ideas for subs would be gratefully received!

    I’ve confused myself when I was reading the Fast 800 section on the board. I haven’t been counting the various nutrients. My fitness pal would have been great but I can’t seem to get my head round the new version. Should I be working out all the various nutrients individually or will following the books do for the first 8 weeks?
    I’m loving the food even though it’s been physically hard going as I’ve been unwell lately due to flares of my illnesses and all I’ve really wanted to eat were frozen fruit, frozen custard, and ice cream. ( no wonder I turned into Mrs blobby)

    Anyway, am I ok following the recipes initially to take care of the nutrients I need?
    Do I need to start counting and calculating the individual aspects such as carbs, proteins etc or again, will the recipes in the 2 blood sugar diet books

    Sorry to be a pest but I feel that this really is my last chance to get things right before I end up diabetic, hardly able to move from my chair and bring an even bigger burden on my lovely hubby who’s also disabled.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my novel

    Bobbi xx.

  • posted by Niknak87

    Hi, Welcome to the forum.

    I don’t follow the recipes at all, some people do follow them, and they will come along and give you advise on them.
    It’s not a problem if you choose not to follow them as long as you are sticking to the calories and low carb foods (and if you choose to follow them, the macros).

    But I will answer your other question. The book doesn’t mention the macros however, the people of the forum have done extra homework and researched a bit more and discovered that sticking to specific macros helps the diet further. (Gets you into ketosis, the fat burning mode, which reduces hunger and cravings and stabilises energy levels).

    You don’t have to follow the macros guide, the diet will still work and starting with the recipes will get you going on the diet well.

    The macros
    Carbs- under 20g carbs if possible however under 50g has been known to work for some people.
    Protein- 0.6g to 0.8g per KG of target weight.
    Rest is made up of fats
    It’s not completely strict and people experiment and adjust to find what’s right for them.

    Whilst apps like my fitness app are helpful, you can just as easily just record on a notebook the calories and other macro counts and if not on the labels, you can usually google them to find them quite easily.

  • posted by JGwen

    To start with the flu like problems you may feel more comfortable if you increase your salt intake. When you eat a high carb diet your body holds on to fluid to help process it. As soon as you reduce carb levels your body starts to release the fluid and in the process your kidneys pass electrolytes in your urine. If you increase your salt intake this will balance out.

    There are two common topics that are raised about the book, one of which is that the calories for the recipes in the book are wrong. You don’t have to follow the recipes exactly to be successful, as a vegetarian I couldn’t, but by focusing on the macros I have been able to come up with options that work for me.
    If you are not getting on with the new version of fitnesspal, have you tried the fatsecret app. Thats the one I use.

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