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  • posted by ruthleonie

    Is the grain Freekeh allowed? It’s wheat that has been harvested while still green and smoked.

  • posted by RozyDozy

    Hi, I too wondered about this. I recently bought a packet of Artisan grains greenwheat Freekeh – the info on the pack proclaims that it is Low GI & high in protein. The figures quoted are (per 100g):

    347 kcals / 1471 kJ
    Protein 18.5g
    Fat 4.3g
    of which Saturates 0.8g
    Carbs 63.5g
    of which Sugars 2.9g
    Salt 0g
    Fibre 10.9g

    It quotes a GI figure of 43.
    It seems that 50g is a single serving. I suppose it depends how much you are restricting carbs – one serving will be slightly over 30g carbs which might be over the limit for some. Probably best to avoid in early stages of diet – maybe have very occasionally, just for variety to introduce something different (which was my reason for trying it). (I should point out that I’ve been BSD-ing since January, and I am neither T2D nor pre-diabetic.)

    I can’t warm to the idea of cauliflower rice, I like my cauli to be cauli-shaped! I normally just steam a few florets. I tried freekeh as it has a similar texture to rice but it’s not something I would eat regularly, no more interesting than ordinary rice, so once the pack is used up I probably won’t try again.

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