Food Waste

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  • posted by derrickhulsey

    I have kept up with BBG beginners for three whole weeks without skipping a day!! I’m so proud of myself (never happened before) and I’m still keen to keep up!!! 🎉

    I have been looking at the menus lately and some of the recipes look amazing. The 5 meals a day works well for me as I am more of a grazer than a three meals a day kinda gal! It does look like A LOT of food though and SO MUCH variety! 😳

    I was wondering if anyone follows the meal plans to the letter and how on earth do you prevent food waste? I mean one of the recipes asks for 4 green beans! 🤦‍♀️ And no other recipes in the week to use them up. I live alone so can’t pass them off to a family member!

    How do you guys get around this?

    Now that I’m into a routine with the workouts I really want to up my game with food – what do you recommend?

  • posted by Squidge

    Well done for sticking to it.

    Do you have a local greengrocer? If you do, you can buy just 4 beans. Some supermarkets also sell lose veg, especially the organic stuff.

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