First night shift.

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  • posted by Birdy76

    Morning guys I did my first night shift last night and I am hoping I haven’t damaged all my hard work. I am sure you all know it can be a little hard to get your head around this WOE but I feel for my first week I have not done too bad. I have of course made a few rookie mistakes and expect I will make a few more.

    MFP is driving me a little nuts 🥜🤣 but I am being honest and filling it in daily.

    So yesterday I had my porridge for breakfast and then I ate my lunch of pepper and jewelled feta at 3.30pm. I drank just over two litres of water, plus fennel tea and a couple of cups of coffee. I cooked the Easy Bolognaise from the 800 recipe book so I could portion it up and have it for my supper at work. When I put all this in MFP (bolognaise 75g serving of the meat) I found I had only used 780 calories but had had 62g of carbs. I am not quite prediabetic but my blood sugar was sitting between 5.5 and 5.8 and since starting this it has already shown improvement. I am trying to stick to 20g of carbs but as advised by a couple of you I don’t need to worry bout it as much, but still 62g is too high😢. I had my second break last night and I was hungry which I am sure is due to the lack of sleep, physical job and of course being upside down in waking hours. So I bought some cooked chicken 160g packet.(I work for a supermarket so there is Easter eggs everywhere at the mo) and refused the cadbury’s Cupcake the manager had bought for everyone.😇. My calorie intake then shot up 981 but it was past midnight so maybe it should go onto today’s calories? This is where I am confused 🤷‍♀️. Is there anyone on here who does night shift or knows of anyone as I would love some advice on how to do this upside down two days a week. I also drank two vending machine white coffees which of course is powdered milk😲. I weighed myself when I got up and I have not gained but not lost. I don’t know what your thoughts are on weighing daily guys, what are the pros and cons?

    I am loving it still and last night I could have cheated but a little voice in my head kept saying “you are only cheating and fooling yourself if you eat anything naughty”🤣

    All help and advice greatly received thank you.
    Confused and knackered Birdy💞

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