Finished 8-week MBSR Course [Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, on-line, free]

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  • posted by Jackie WilsonSaid

    Monday was my last day of the course.
    So over the last few weeks I have changed in appearance from Buddha-like thanks to BSD, and gained buddha-like awareness thanks to MBSR. Just call me Bodhisattva! I am about to send off my personal responses recorded on worksheets, so that hopefully I can ‘graduate’.

    Here’s a reminder of the link.

    As mentioned elsewhere, one or two of the experts can be a bit dull, so you might find alternatives; you can follow other leads via youtube until you reach a speaker that offers a more sympathetic explanation or approach.
    E.g., in the ‘loving kindness’ meditation I didn’t like the one offered – too rushed, male and perfunctory, and found a gentler female version from Emma Seppala, Ph.D.

    There is a great structure to the course, and the basic practices are covered very well, with plenty of resources listed in the 8 chapters – videos, articles and links for further study. It covers the practicalities of guided and sitting meditation, yoga, dealing with stress, difficult emotions and communication, through the importance of compassion and developing your own practice.

  • posted by Ziggy

    Thanks for the link JackieWilsonSays (as opposed to JockieWisonSays), I can download all the mps3 and put them on my phone, and may even download the videos too, and the course notes if I get finished with Headspace.

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