Fast 1000?1200?

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  • posted by PurpleIsa

    First day here:-

    So, intermittent fasting doesn’t suit me, but I do want to aim for fast weight loss. However I am active at work 10k step a day is normal with some days more like 15-20k and I think I’d really struggle with an intake of just 800 cals. The book seems to suggest 800 cals along with 5k steps a day so I’m thinking that I need more calories than that. Obviously I’d still be sticking to low carb etc. Also any advice on %macros would be great as book doesn’t seem to cover this? Thanks

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Hi Purplesea!
    I would encourage you to try the Fast800 for eight weeks. 🎈🎈 There is a link on the top right side of this page to Fast800, and on that site some Articles – one is called Top Ten diet myths. Michael Mosley says :
    “Diet Myth 10. Doing exercise helps you lose weight
    It seems incredibly obvious. Do some exercise, burn some calories, lose weight. But that isn’t what actually happens. Part of the problem is that fat is very energy dense. You would need to run for about 36 miles to burn off a single lb of fat. The other problem is that people often reward themselves for doing exercise by having a treat. If you run for a mile you will burn about 120 calories; but if you then decide to eat a small bar of chocolate, you will consume 240 calories. There are lots of benefits to be had from doing exercise, but losing weight is unlikely to be one of them. That said, exercise is a great way of stopping you putting weight back on once you’ve lost it.”
    I’d say that moving and doing exercise is great while you are doing Fast800, but you don’t need to add more calories. You want to encourage your body to burn fat. So try and keep your carb intake low, and use your 800 cals on filling protein, good fats (avocado, some nuts, oils, butter, cream, yogurt) and lots of green above-ground veggies plus things like mushrooms, eggs and cheese. If you go a bit over the 800 its not a problem if your keep your carbs fairly low.
    Jump into the One Week at a Time thread and/or the monthly thread Seriously Sensible September – and ask any questions you like!!! Friendly folks here will help.🌺🌺😊

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