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  • posted by mike9

    Still confused. Michael is clear about dairy but am still reading respectable sources urging caution about this aspect of the approach – the diet is nonetheless working for me ….. with cheese still featuring say 2/3 times a week

    Helps maybe that in my twenties I was a veggie and have two children that are

  • posted by AuroraMagic

    Hi mike9
    I’ve been told to watch the hard cheese and try to have the soft cheeses as they are better if you are trying to reduce cholesterol especially.
    But to have cheese in small quantities – 30g a portion seems to be fine. 🙂
    I’ve now learned to reduce to this portion size and it seems to work. 🙂
    Perhaps to some degree it also depends on how quickly you want to lose weight or ‘reach your goal’ what ever that is.
    So the more you restrict but keep up a varied diet the general theme seems to be the quicker you can reach your goal. But everyone finds it’s a little different for them, and we just need time & trial and wrror, to find what is individually best (too)! 🙂

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