Can I eat the chocolate?

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  • posted by JustAsking

    I know. “No” is probably the most sensible answer, give them away or something.

    We’ve just started the BSD. We left until after my birthday but my present from my mum got delayed in the post and it turns out to contain a box of decent quality chocolates! Darn it. We’re 4 days in and my first two days were horrendous. I don’t want to re-set and deal with that again.

    But also I really want to eat my nice birthday chocolates 😥

    Would it be a total disaster to have one chocolate with dinner for nine days? Keeping within the calories. Approx 50cal per choc. Is that just going to keep me sugar hooked for longer and negate all the other effort?

    Other options.
    Pig out on the whole box now and suffer the consequences over the next couple of days.
    Wait until the end of the diet then eat as after meal treats as above (will this claw me back in after even more effort has been spent though?)
    Give them away. Lie to my mother “oh yes, they were lovely” I don’t know who to give them to either! 😂


  • posted by florob85

    Hi Justasking

    Really it depends how strict you want to be with yourself and the plan – if you are happy to accept that a chocolate (good quality or not) is very likely to tip you out of fat burning mode and therefore prolong you actually getting into ketosis and starting to really lose weight, until the box is gone, then yes go for it, but if you’re really sticking to principles then you should give them away! Or wait till the end of the “plan” – but remember it’ll be very very hard to just have one a day even then, chocolates are delicious but they are addictive and completely empty calories so they don’t fill you up either.

    MM says you can have a small amount of very very high cocoa chocolate (which is vile) occasionally…..but if you’re doing Fast 800 Keto then not even that in phase 1. All depends what plan you’re doing

    Also remember it’s the carbs and not the cals that are important!

    Personally i wouldn’t have the willpower to just have one, or to keep them as a treat for later so I’d have to get rid.

    Also you mention feeling horrendous – sounds like carb flu which is awful – try increasing your water intake a lot a lot a lot and try just adding a bit of extra salt to food for a few days or even just dip your finger in some salt and lick it – the carb flu is generally due to you losing loads of water (which you do in the first few days because of the loss of glycogen stores) and with it electrolytes.

    Keep going, come and join us on our weekly one week at a time thread!

    Lauren xx

  • posted by wilsadfar

    Hi all, I have a big addiction to sweets, chocolate in particular…

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi justasking, to follow on from florob85, you do know they can be kept for another day. I still have some chocolate from Christmas 2020 – over a year old. It doesnt go off, even if it gets a white bloom on it. In fairness, I dont have a sweet tooth but whenever chocolate is around, if I dont snaffle some secretly away for when I just fancy, then I wouldnt get a look in, they would be gone in minutes with grandkids and hubby.

    Unlike florob85 I just love the bitterness of 85% chocolate and have a small (10g) square most evenings after dinner, I can keep it in my 800 cals as it is only 50. If however, you cant open the box without scoffing the lot then stay well clear. If your quality box is milk chocolate or under 70g cocoa then I wouldnt eat them but only because I dont like the claggy feeling in my mouth.

    If you are motivated you will stick with the diet and leave the chocolates alone until you have done at least 8 weeks.

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