Blood Glucose Check-In

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  • posted by SwallowedanAmazon

    I think it will be handy to see how we’re doing and not necessarily focus on weight (I have ishoos!)

    I’m pre-diabetic and only testing on a morning:

    Day 1 – 6.7
    Day 2 – 5.8
    Day 3 – 7.0
    Day 4 – 5.7
    Day 5 – 6.1
    Day 6 – 6.1
    Day 7 – 5.7
    Day 8 – 5.7
    Day 9 – 6.8 (I fell off the wagon yesterday and it’s not exactly called the 1 week diet is it!)

    Be good when updating to copy and paste the whole list then add the new day at the bottom so people can easily read how things are going on the thread.

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