Smoked salmon breakfast muffins

Recipe by Shaz123

  • Time needed: 15 mins to prepare 15-20mins to bake
  • Calories per serving: 130 calories each
  • Servings: 6
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Rating: 4.86 based on 7 reviews

Great for on the go…… I take two of these to work for my breakfast. Just like scrambled egg with smoked salmon


• 6 silicone muffin tray ( I find this the best)
• 6 medium eggs
• Black pepper
• 100grm smoked salmon ( Aldi do a cheap one)
• 4 spring onions
• 2 small mushrooms
• 28grm mature cheddar cheese grated


1. Heat oven to 180 fan assisted
2.Mixed eggs in a jug with a splah of milk and black pepper
3. Chop onions, mushrooms and salmon in to small bits.
4. Pour eggs in to moulds equally, about 3/4 full.
5.Dividing the spring onion, mushrooms and salmon equally between the 6 moulds.
6. Top each muffin with the grated cheese equally
7. Bake for 15-18 mins depending on your oven

You can add, take away any veg that you fancy just remember to adjust the calories and these freeze very well.

7 reviews for “Smoked salmon breakfast muffins”

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    Delicious and doesn’t take long to prepare.

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    Made them in very small tins 24 in total and added sounach as i need the iron. They are great, will be able to take them to work and have with salad. Might try some bacon bits instead of salmon next time. I doubt these will get to the freezer. Delicious. Thank You

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    Thank you. Made them in very small tins 24 in total. They are great, will be able to take them to work and have with salad. Might try some bacon pieces in them. I added spinach as i need the iron. Delicious

  • review by:

    Delicious, easy and fast breakfast! I popped them in the oven to cook while I showered.. perfectly done when I came down to check them! I’m sure there are different versions we can experiment with..but smoked salmon really does make you feel like you’re having a good breakfast! My boss wants me to bring some into the office for him to try..

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    Easy and tasty, will be having for lunch. Just tried a sliver and it was yum. Used spinach as I can’t have mushroom.

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    Tasty and a convenient breakfast.

  • review by:

    Made them this morning, absolutely gorgeous, I resisted temptation until lunch time and had 2 with some baby leaf salad, looking forward to tomorrows lunch now too, will be making these again, thank you

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