Courgetti with smoked salmon and creme fraiche

Recipe by Snoop

  • Time needed: Ten minutes or so
  • Calories per serving: 195
  • Servings: 1
  • Difficulty: 1
  • Rating: 4.75 based on 4 reviews

A classy-looking dish that seems luxurious but is low calorie and relatively low carb and not even all that expensive. Make sure you have a spoon to hand as well as a fork – you won’t want to waste the sauce.


• 160 g courgetti
• 6 g butter
• 35 g peeled, chopped tomato (if using canned, make sure it's really well drained)
• 40 g smoked salmon, cut into smallish slivers
• 25 g creme fraiche


Fry the courgetti in the butter. Add the tomato when the courgetti are nearly done. Cook till the tom is heated through. Then add the smoked salmon. Heat through and then add the creme fraiche. Stir and cook till heated through and you have an amazing looking sauce bubbling in the pan.

5 reviews for “Courgetti with smoked salmon and creme fraiche”

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    Delicious although the zucchini was an it soggy
    I won’t cook it as long next time
    Nice quick meal when in a rush

  • review by:
    Not rated

    Really tasty and so quick to make ..I used little cherry tomatoes ! Fab

  • review by:

    I love this recipe, it seems so indulgent and yet its not. I did however change to coconut oil and I added some lemon juice to the sauce – yum! No soggy noodles here!

  • review by:

    Delicious. I thought I would try it for breakfast and what a good decision. I cooked it the night before and chilled it in the fridge overnight and ate it cold. (I’m not too keen on re-heating food containing meat or fish). Superb breakfast.

    I agree that courgette should not be overcooked, I like it to have some crunch. Cut mine into 1cm cubes.
    I always go for wild salmon – a bit more expensive but so much better.

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    Delicious and really quick and easy to make. We used wild smoked salmon. Next time, I’d use a bigger portion of courgetti.

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