Chickpea crackers

Recipe by Ingenue

  • Time needed: 1hr including resting dough and baking
  • Calories per serving: 28 per fracker if making 32 crackers
  • Servings: I made 32 out of this mixture at approx 28 -30 calories each
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Rating: 4.75 based on 4 reviews

Low Gi cracker, no gluten , great with Hummus


• 2 cups chickpea flour
• 2tbsp olive oil
• 1tsp baking powder
• Water
• Any spices you would like to add to dough, I added black pepper and onion powder, but the list is endlessTopping:
• Any dried herbs / spices you would like and a small amount of Seasalt to sprinkle
• Olive oil for brushing


Place chickpea flour in bowl with baking powder
Add olive oil and rub in like you would if making pastry
Add enough water for dough to form, don't overdo it as you don't want it sticky, knead for 5mins

Divide dough into two and allow to rest for10 mind covered in cling film

Roll out between two pieces of baking parchment a portion at a time till an eighth of an inch thick

Trim and cut into the shapes you would like

Lay them on a baking tray lined with parchment

Sprinkle on yr topping ( I used Za'atar), pressing it into the crackers gently

Brush with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt

Bake at 180 c for approx 15 mins till golden brown

Cool on tray then pack in a plastic airtight box

I am still eating the ones I made 5days ago

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    I haven’t made these but knowing chickpea flour is high in carbohydrates I checked the recipe on my diet tracker. Assuming you can make 30 from this recipe, it works out at 3.5 grams of carbs per cracker. Not too bad if you can stop at one but if you eat two or three it’s not a low carb snack.

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    Hi Cherrianne agreed is carb but low Gi , allowed on this diet

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    Tried this recipe for the first time – never used chickpea flour before and pleasantly surprised with the result. I probably need to experiment more with herbs & spices to get a fuller flavour but these go a long way to filling the void left by the pitta breads & shop-bought crackers I was eating before embarking on this diet. Thanks for posting this recipe.

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    Made my first batch of these today with half the amount of dough. They worked really well and I made matchbox size crackers with Italian seasoning and a small grating of Parmesan cheese.

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    I’ve made these before not on this diet plan, found the recipe online when I was looking for wheatfree crackers, they are yumm, but very moreish.

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    I made these crackers and they are great. I got 60 out of your recipe and according to Rose Elliott there are 18.2 useable carbs in 100g of chick pea flour. One cup of flour weigh out at 116 grams so the recipe has 232g at 72.4 divide into 60 crackers so about 1.2 carbs per cracker. Remember these carbs are slow release too!

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    Made these twice now. A real winner. Rolled mine between 1 to 1.5 mm thick and made about 75.
    5 mins in fan at 200oC then out and brush with beaten egg and milk + salt (3 at a time) then sprinkle with sesame seeds. Back in oven for 2 mins.
    Love the way the “dough” is slightly sticky and forms together well under rolling between cling film.

    Highly recommended.

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