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  • posted by okad

    Hi all,
    I have been on the fast 800 for five days, started the diet at 16st 4IIb. At this point I am now 15st 9IIb, I am fasting between 8pm and 12pm; on 800kcal daily. I am in ketosis (used urinalysis strips) to confirm this.
    The issue is I feel pretty wired, feel hyper alert and my brain is buzzing, I had a walk on the beach this morning and ran off down the beach like a puppy let of his leash lol how do I manage or dampen down this hyper side a tad, or is it something you adjust too? (it is great but feels pretty weird too at the same time)
    PS. I am doing some HIT training and will do some weights as well as some newbie callisthenics YouTube workouts too, to help

    Thanks for your time

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi David,

    First of all the pee sticks are not a good way of testing for ketones – When you start to enter ketosis your body produces excess ketones which are flushed out of the body in urine, after a short while your body will start to be more efficient and then will not produce surplus ketones.

    The good news is get used to the higher energy levels, that is how you feel when you are in ketosis. I love it, after a while it will become normal and instead you feel sluggish if you eat carbs.

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