What higher carb veg and fruit ?

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  • posted by Laska

    Hi , new here , had great success on 5:2 a couple of years ago ( was early adopter when the programme first aired) and then blew it over the last year or so !
    so I’m back (and fat again ..poo) , but determined to lose the extra weight again , and this looks like a good way for me ,

    I do have the book (but only just today so not readit yet ) but a quick question so I can start right away . I realise spuds will be out , but I see we can have some pulses and fruit which is great ( so not like Atkins then which I gave up because of dire constipation )

    Can I have carrots , (i was going to make some carrot soup for lunch this week, ) and what about peas and sweetcorn in moderation ?

    What fruits can we eat? (I see not dates which is a shame as I have a whole box of them left from christmas .)

  • posted by happysheryl

    I would also like to know! I live here in the U.S. and Dr. Mosley’s new book won’t be available here until March! I wish I had it now! But I pre-ordered it to get the lowest shipping price.

    I too am curious about the veg you mentioned.

    Also, I notice that we can have 800 cals low carb two days on this version of 5:2 vs. 500 cals. I was quite happy when I read that on the website! I can definitely do two days of 800 cals and low carb the rest of the week. Does the book mention if the fasting has to be two consecutive days or any two days of the week? Thanks!

  • posted by Bill1954

    The book says you can do any 2 days, either consecutive or split them up.

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