Weight gain when you finish 12 weeks !

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  • posted by Lawman51

    Hi I have done many fasting plans keto milkshake diets week one we lose lots water etc

    Can anyone tell me how much weight they regained after the 12 weeks when you finished 800

    I have lost 90lbs I need to lose 20lbs but I know I’ll regain water weight when I finish 800 12 weeks so just wondered what’s the average regain to allow for that ?


  • posted by JGwen

    The regain of water weight only occurs if you go back to eating more carbs. If you stay low carb and just increase your calories from fat then the water gain will not happen.

  • posted by freester

    I reached my 10% loss on the Blood Sugar Diet at 6 weeks (2 stone / 28lbs).
    After that I stuck to the principles but upped the portions my weight continued to creep down.
    I have to make a conscious effort to ensure I don’t continue to lose.
    As JGwen says body only retains water if you are eating more (processed) carbs.
    Stick to the principles, do 4 days bigger portions : 3 days 800 cals (or 5 bigger :2 800) you’ll continue to lose. This is a change in your way of eating. Go back to your old eating habits and the weight will come back.

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