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  • posted by Starina

    I’m a newbie here. Two weeks ago I got a scare with blood glucose, having always been normal with a reading 8.8 fasted. I turned to the plan, starting on the 2nd November. Work very long hours (17!), but so far have stuck to the plan really well and been very pleased with myself!

    However this week on the scales has me baffled. Week 1 loss was 8,4lbs, so obviously super happy with this, however yesterday was a 0.3lb gain (negligible), but today was a further 1.4lb gain. Has anyone else experience this?

    To help any thoughts:
    3l water daily
    Carbs have ranged between 15gm – 40gm (less if you take the fibre count and net the carbs)
    Calories 750 – 950

    The good news is that within a week fasting blood glucose is 5.5 🙂

  • posted by JGwen

    When you eat a high carb diet your body holds on to water as it needs it to process the carbs. As soon as you cut out the carbs the body releases that water. Hence the rapid weight loss at the start.

    You body weight will fluctuate, it includes the :-
    weight of the food in your digestive tract. – 800 calories of celery weigh much more than 800 calories of cheese.
    Where you are on water in / water out cycle at that moment in time. Each litre of water – 1 k = 2.2lbs.

    When you have high insulin levels it blocks other hormone systems including the one which controls the bodies ability to repair. So as soon as you start to get insulin levels under control your body will start to catch up on building stronger bones, stronger muscles in response to exercise. A healthy bone which will not easily fracture in a fall will of course weigh more.

    The solution is to not only measure progress on the scales but in other ways. Inch loss, fitness levels.

  • posted by Starina

    Thanks Gwen, really appreciated. It hasn’t rattled me as despite being on a diet for life, the raised BG levels were concerning. That meant I approached this with an entirely different mindset to losing weight for vanity only. There was a sudden ‘click’. I know I am eating clean, so presumably the weight will shift at some point. It is nice to see weight loss though!

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