Very quick and easy fast day meals

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  • posted by Cindysusie1990

    Hi. So I’m starting my first official fast day on Tuesday. After a trial run on Yesterday. My question is. What are the best very quick easy meals to make on a fast day?? I don’t fancy having to spend time cooking for my other half and kids whilst hungry, then having to spend extra time prepping my own food??
    Also any tips on not picking whilst cooking for others??


  • posted by Timmy

    Yesterday was a fast day for me and I had 2 poached eggs and half an avocado for breakfast, then chicken breast with stirfry vegetables in the evening. Both pretty quick to cook! I think my stirfry included chilli, garlic, ginger, pepper, broccoli, spring onion and mushrooms. It was lush.

    Can’t help on the picking as it’s never been a habit of mine. Only thing I can suggest is to repeat the rhyme “Little pickers wear big knickers” over in your head when you’re making meals for others! 😉

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