Starting today! 5:2 BSD

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  • posted by Rookiesuze

    Hi all!

    I’ve decided to start today the 5:2 BSD! I’m a Type 1 Diabetic, and so I’m not really planning on doing the whole 800 BSD, but I’m hoping with the 5:2 I can regulate my blood sugar levels a bit and hopefully lose some weight in the process.

    I’m sufficiently impressed with the meals in the recipe book so far. I didn’t think they would fill me up, but so far so good! I had the Poached Eggs with Spinach and Pine Nuts this morning and am having the Greek Salad for lunch (I also had this for dinner last night).

    I’m going to aim to keep my non-fast days pretty low as well (hopefully no more than 1,200 cal).

    What do you all do for Coffee? My favourite coffee is a Soy flat white, but I think I’m going to have to try for Long Blacks?

    Is anyone else starting or on this at the moment? I can see the forum has been a little quiet.

  • posted by Mixnmatch

    I have black coffee now mostly, but like it with a little cream in sometimes as well. I still have the occasional cappuccino which isn’t a problem as long as it is counted as ‘food’. I never really got into adding any of the dairy substitutes to coffee, but they are all still acceptable in the diet provided you count them.

    5:2 section is often a little quiet, but you can always use ‘Starting’ and ‘Welcome’ forums as well which are busier, and relate to all of us on our various stages of this journey. Good luck with stabilising your blood sugar.

  • posted by medlana

    Hi Rookiesuze, I am in the same boat!

    My sugar levels were always stable in the normal range. During the last 2-3 years I gained some weight and have not been able to lose it yet despite eating pretty well and exercising. I did all the blood tests and they were normal. Last year, after watching the documentary I started intermittent fasting. The rest of my diet stayed the same. Unfortunately, this did not help me lose weight but it cleared up my skin significantly (adult acne sufferer). Since I started IF, I did a couple of blood tests and the sugar was creeping up. This month it entered the pre-diabetic range.

    If you google “intermitteng fasting blood sugar raise” you will find some ideas on why it is happening to some people and that is OK but honestly, I am not convinced. I would very much prefer my old sugar level to be back.

    I am going to give this diet a go, just to see, whether it helps me lose weight and hope the sugar will stabilise!

    Good luck to you!

  • posted by Beachmama

    Hello. Was hoping you can post an update re how its going?

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