Starting the BSD: should I go full-on?

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  • posted by MartynL

    Hi everyone!

    I guess I’d better introduce myself first of all. I’m Martyn (no surprise!) and I’m 46. I’ve also been type-2 for a few years.
    I bought the Fast Diet and the BSD earlier this week and I’ve read through the BSD completely, and I seem to be reading random sections of the fast diet.

    What attracts me most to the BSD is the potential for what it could do for my system: the results could be dramatic. What concerns me (most) is the breakfasts.The menu plan at the back of the book cycles through pretty much every recipe but I’ve always been a (large) porridge-with-milk-and-frozen-fruits type of guy so the idea of just a bit of almond butter (never tried) with a few apple slices sounds… too much of a step change. I’m also not much of a thinker first thing in the morning – how many of us really are? – so it needs to be pretty robotic and simple. Is it OK to have one of the egg recipes every day? (for exanple a couple of poached/scrambled eggs and some mushrooms.)

    Also: can you skip the odd day (and maybe extend it by a day or two afterwards)? I plan to start it after our wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and we run up against the double whammy of Father’s Day and my mother’s birthday (on the same day) a couple of weeks in so we will probably be out for a family meal that weekend. Depending on where we go, I can see a way through/round it though.

    One further question (and I realise this list is getting long): how interchangeable are the recipes in the fast diet and the BSD? Some of the recipes in the Fast Diet seem really nice.

    If you’re still awake – thank you for your patience!!

    I also don’t want to cut out any particular food group (as in cutting out meat, dairy etc.)

  • posted by arcticfox

    Hi Martyn, welcome!
    I used to be an oats for breakfast everyday person as well. Now I have subsituted 1-2 Tbsp each ground flax and chia seed soaked in almond milk (you can use regular milk as well, just be aware that it has more calories), topped with greek yogurt and frozen berries. This is my standard everyday breakfast, although I sometimes add in different seeds or nuts and I have different versions for when I’m travelling. I make it up in the morning and eat it once I get to work usually, but you could also make it the night before which then wouldn’t require any thinking in the morning. Just grab it out of the fridge and go. On the odd day I want something a bit more substantial for breakfast I will have eggs with avocado.
    I don’t use the recipes in the books as I’m vegetarian and either don’t like or don’t have access to alot of the ingredients on a regular basis where I live, so I’m not much help in that regard.

  • posted by AnnieW

    I was another porridge eater -(although “only” about 28gms – with a sliced banana and cocoa added! The thought of only eating yoghurt and maybe a bit of fruit for breakfast scared me as no way would that keep me going until lunchtime!! But thick full fat yoghurt, Greek being the favourite before I started making my own, with some seeds and a few frozen raspberries and/or some nuts does the trick and can be put out the night before for a grab and go. The secret is the full fat bit.

    Eggs in any form can be eaten daily.

    Many people, for various reasons, don’t use the recipe books but adjust their usual recipes. There are some good ones posted in the a recent recipes section to the right of the page. There’s no reason not to mix the recipes from the two books, just be aware the calorie counts etc can be incorrect (there are lots of posts about it – use the search box to see).

    When starting this way of eating (woe) it’s best to keep to it and not intentionally stray. However if you do have a day off just be aware and keep as close to plan as you can so you don’t do too much damage. We all fall off the wagon at some point, either intentionally or not, as we are human. Just climb back on and keep going – you can stay on the plan for more than 8 weeks if necessary.

  • posted by Niknak87

    Hi Martyn,
    Another “porridge” idea for you:
    Cauliflower rice (I buy frozen steam bags to make it easier, they just go in the microwave for 2 x 2mins)
    Greek Yoghurt or cream cheese
    And thicken with ground almond.
    Or if you like it thinner then nut-milks or water may work.
    Flavour with vanilla and cinnamon (or to your own tastes).

    Feel free to experiment to find foods you like, as long as you are monitoring the calories and using low carb foods.

  • posted by MerryMelba

    Thank you so much Articfox for this suggestion of your “porridge”. I am usually not a breakfast eater on this WOE – eating between 12-8. But if I have an early appointment or work then I need to have something before. I have tried your idea – about 15g each of flax and chia blitzed for a few seconds in the grinder, and then mixed with cinnamon, nutmeg, maybe few drops vanilla essence and half cup of whatever milk (I have an almond/coconut blend). Into the fridge overnight, then in the morning give it a stir and into the microwave for 30-45 seconds until warmed through, top with yogurt and berries. Or top with cream.

    I have also made the broccoli sandwich bread in the recipes section – although I made it with cauliflower, and made half portion and added some sesame seeds and a small amount of chia. That gave me 6 slices. It freezes well. For a late breakfast I have made cheese on toast using this bread – very nice and gives me that toasty taste.

  • posted by alliecat

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  • posted by Elizabeth1987

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  • posted by WoodDuckie

    Hi Annie! I enjoyed your post AND the breakfast idea 🙂 I try and try but just cannot bring myself to the Greek yoghurt thing . . . no matter which brand 🙁 Because I now have a “heavy” breakfast around 10am-12noon – (today was a medley of veges with butter, chilli flakes, coconut oil, and diced cold pork – served on a bed of baby spinach leaves – with enough for evening meal just needing to be heated . . . ) – . . . I may check out your suggestion as a dessert option 🙂
    I would however hasten to add that while the “diet” says 8weeks Blood Sugar “Diet . . . using the noun not the verb sense translate to WoE – meaning diet CHANGE for life. (Cows, sheep goats eat a diet of plants, eagles eat a diet of meat etc.) This is the discerning/thinking/ “I want to be healthy” human’s new “diet” . . . dot just for a few weeks or months . . . but forever . . . discarding all the processed stuff and cooking from scratch like our grandmothers and parents did – (depending on your age of course!!! and Im almost 75!) “That Sugar Film” which was on Sydney TV last week showed what happens of you regress . . . and if MM’s 8WBSD is interpreted as a part-time “straighten things out then go from there which ever way you want” diet . . . (as aligned to other well known “programmes” then disappointment can only await . . . it is afterall a new WoE 🙂 (Way of Eating) – BUT WAS the way of eating prior to food companies “saving us time and money to spend more time with the family” – the low fat, low sugar, margarine and “one pot wonder sauce meals” revolution which descending upon us in the 70’s and 80’s – which had the desired effect of . . .? turning our lives around for the better . . .? Maybe thats why we have a diabetes and obesity epidemic . . . and such has been created through . . .? A “DIET” of poisoning foods and additives 🙂 Those who have been here for YEARS are the living proof it needs to be maintained and information not readily available be shared and passed on to anyone who will listen, wants to change their (and maybe their family and friends) health direction for the better and needs a little info, encouragement, advice and evidence to convince them to have a go 🙂 And I read of so many who are brave enough to do just that 🙂 Well done everyone for the stages we all find ourselves at! Perseverance, patience and prepared to ask questions takes guts!!! Quack Quack!!!

  • posted by SunnyB

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