Starting Fast 800 on October 7th

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  • posted by Sofia89

    Hi all,

    Have had lots of ups and downs lately and cannot seem to stick to a plan. I will now give Fast 800 an honest try for at least four weeks. Would be great with some advice and cheers from all of you who managed to stay on track!

    All the best!

  • posted by freester

    I did the BSD in Jan I’m 10 months in now still on track.
    Clear the cupboards of all the rubbish so you aren’t tempted.
    PLAN PLAN PLAN a week’s meals, buy the ingredients. Stick to your week’s meal plan. If you have the recipe books choose meals you like the look of.
    Keep some on plan snacks just in case you get too hungry – better to snack on plan than reach for the biscuits / crisps.
    Occasional hunger pangs are easily fended off with a cup of green or black tea.
    You will notice the difference within a week. Use that to keep you going in the future weeks.

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