Sourdough bread

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  • posted by ruthleonie

    I’ve been on the 5:2 since January and lost 3kilos which has I’m happy about but am hoping to lose faster on the BSD5:2 method. Regarding bread, how safe is sourdough which contains no sugar?
    On another related matter, I realise that commercial bread may have lots of sugar but when I make my own bread there is one teaspoon of sugar in the entire loaf. Is this harmful?

  • posted by FoFi

    You don’t say how big the loaf is so it is hard to know how bad a teaspoon of sugar is. I presume that it is to ‘feed’ the yeast (I’m not a baker or food scientist so I’m guessing) so maybe it is partially consumed.

    The bigger problem will be the flour you are using. All the sourdough breads I have eaten seem to contain refined white flour. Is this correct? If so that would be a problem on this diet. Whole grains only, rye bread seems to be okay if it uses whole grain. Others might know of other breads.

    Examine your flour.

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