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  • posted by gosh-thatbig


    A bit of advice please…

    So, background.
    151 kg, 1.86 m. 46 years old. Overweight for about 20 years.
    Referred myself for gastric sleeve bariatric surgery.
    Started on the pre-surgery diet and then father in law died so cancelled operation.
    Carried on with diet.
    Felt amazing and made the link that it was more or less the same 800 calorie diet that I had read about.
    Got more in to it and brought in kefir, kimchi, pulses, yoghurt, and so on and had a really great few months. Totally changed so much, not just my waist line and honestly saved me in more ways than I thought possible.

    Started Jan 15th 2019 at 151 kg
    Weight today (22 July) is 103 kg

    I want to get to about 95 kg which was my rugby playing weight.

    Over the last month or so, since May half term, I have sort of lost the focus a little. It is partly still there, I am still doing 16:8 and still doing low/no carbs, but the snacking has increased a little as have portion sizes. The snacking is, however, healthy – yoghurt usually and pumpkin seeds. But I have also started exercising a lot more, 3 x 500 calorie cycle rides per week for example.

    I generally now eat about 1200 calories per day and on the days where I ride it is perhaps closer to 1500.

    I therefore think I am running a deficit of around 1,000 calories per day and the weight loss is continuing but very slowly. At the start I was losing 0.4 kg/day each month, now its not even 0.1kg/day.

    Obviously very happy with where I have got to but should I:

    A) get my focus back and stick to 800/day for the last month or two.
    b) carry on with the roughly 1000/day deficit and gradually morph to a sustainable pattern over the Summer?



  • posted by BikeyGuy

    Hi Gosh, I’m new here too.

    You can find out what you need to function here and from that what your deficit is.

    You’ve found that the weight loss is fantastically encouraging at the start – 50Kg in 6 months is an absolute inspiration! – but obviously it slows up as you go along. I cycle as well and have gleaned from various posts on here that you shouldn’t up your calorie intake to “compensate” for effort expended. The more techie folk will be along soon to explain that one to you, the main thing is to keep on top of your salt and liquid levels. Be wary of relying on garmins to calculate how many calories you’ve burnt 😉

    If you can get back to 800 calories a day that’s great, if you can stick to or increase the 16:8 that’s definitely going to help. Some motivation to keep you on track? While you’ve been discarding weight (I’ve been told by those who know, not to use the word loss!) your calf muscles won’t have shrunk by too much in comparison to your body – and they’re going to be very helpful on the bike!

    Stick in and go for it !!

  • posted by JGwen

    Hi, its not the calories as much as the carb creep which may have occurred that could be the problem.

    You need to keep your carb levels down low enough so that your insulin levels are low enough that your body can access your fat stores for fuel. – Think of insulin as a switch which controls if your body is fuelled by the calories eaten or the calories stored in your fat.

    Some people can achieve that at 50g of carbs a day, others have to set a lower level of carbs. Quite a few of us who were overweight for many years have to get under 20g of carbs. If you keep your carb levels low enough then any deficit on calories is filled by the calories drawn from your fat cells. So if you are burning 3000 calories and eating either 800 or 1200 it will simply make a difference in the rate of fat loss and research suggests it will have only a minor impact on metabolic rate.

    However, if your insulin levels are too high your body can’t access the fuel in your fat stores so will instead become more efficient and reduce your metabolic rate. (Look up the research into the impact on the metabolic rate of participants on the biggest loser TV show. )

  • posted by gosh-thatbig

    Thank you for the positive comments.

    Carb creep.
    That is exactly the right term and is precisely what has happened. I was running at about 40g of carb when I started. Probably at 60 now. Need to cut this back. Easily done, I can remember what I was eating at the start. A good point made in another thread is that I don’t need to add fat to my diet yet, I still have enough of my own. I was using fat containing foods to broaden my diet but that came with a side order of carbs which I had not factored in. Interestingly, now that it is mentioned, I have noticed my metabolic rate seems slower (napping in afternoon) over the last week or two. But that could be the cycling, or the heat, or being 47!

    I am not so much upping my calorie intake to compensate for the cycling, it just sort of happens when I get back.

    Thank you again.

  • posted by JGwen

    The napping in the afternoon could also be a result of carb creep. – I find it I eat enough carbs to drop out of ketosis I no longer feel as energetic and slightly more carbs makes me feel sleepy or lethargic – Before this Way of Eating (WoE) every meal included carbs so I hadn’t noticed.

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