So impressed with my doctors surgery

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  • posted by Bailey9991

    Hi everyone, I had my diabetes review today. I started tge bsd a day before my last set of blood tests and as expected they were not good. The nurse asked if I would like to consider more medication (i was on max dose metformin, but since bsd have stopped).

    I explained what I was doing and that my blood sugar was now under control. I expected a bit of a lecture but quite the opposite she told me to keep going that it was definatetly the best thing to do. She then gave me a leaflet and told me that the surgery had opened a little library where you can borrow books such as The Blood Sugar Diet, the diabetes code etc, along with low carb meal planners.
    I have had concerns about what the diet may do to my cholesterol, so she is going to test my blood again in 3 months to see how things are going. I am thrilled to have their support, it really helps!

  • posted by Gill33UK

    That’s brill to get such good support, very well done, I was pre-diabetic in June 2019 after visiting the Dr’s but only started the BSD in January, will be going to the Dr soon for a review so hoping it will be reversed, its my main reason for doing this, I am used to being fat but don’t want to be Diabetic too! Very pleased you got great support, well done.

  • posted by Jennie10

    Hi Bailey
    It’s really great to hear how supportive your nurse was and fantastic to think they’ve got copies of MM’s book and Jason Fung’s. Isn’t that something!

    I was just reading what you were saying about your cholesterol concern and being retested in 3 months and thought I’d mention my experience.
    When I was diagnosed with Type II, my cholesterol was 6.2. I started the BSD, and at my first follow-up meeting with my nurse (4 months later) my bgls were normal again (hurray!) but my cholesterol was up at 6.7 which caused a bit of concern all round. I was offered statins but declined, and decided to wait and see. Next time my cholesterol was taken about 8 months later my cholesterol was 5.6 – lower than when I started BSD.

    I researched it and found that this can be a quite typical response when you’re losing weight on a low carb diet. While you’re losing weight, the cholesterol circulating through your system increases. Then when you’ve stopped losing weight i.e. your weight stabilises, your cholesterol reduces again, often ending lower than it was initially. That’s exactly what happened with mine.

    Here’s a video clip where either Phinney or Volek (can’t remember which one is which – but both well-respected) explain what’s happening. It’s not a brilliant recording (mind, I’m slightly deaf so could be perfect!). I put the words up, but there is also a summary page at the end.

    nb. I’ve just re-watched it and it mentions it happening when people are losing increasingly large amounts of weight, so this may not apply to you, (or happen to you), but I thought it’s worth mentioning because my healthcare team definitely didn’t know anything about it . Forewarned, etc.

    Glad to hear you’re going well too, Gill
    Jenny xx

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