Slow weight loss

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  • posted by HikerGirly

    Hi everyone,
    looking for some advice..
    My housemates and I started the plan 3 weeks ago.
    They are blokes.. and I expected them to lose faster than me.. but I’m struggling to lose.
    I have lost :
    week 1 – 6 lbs
    week 2 – 1 lb
    week 3 – 0lbs
    They have lost over a stone each!.. which is disheartening for me.
    I exercise regularly 6-7k steps a day and strength and conditioning with weights for an hour once a week.
    I’m 49, post menopausal 5ft7, 15st 12…
    My blood sugar is normal.. but i do have high ish blood pressure that the Gp is happy to leave unmedicated.
    So where am I going wrong?

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Hikergirly, you are not doing anything wrong (unless you know you have) and you did have the sense to recognise that men lose more and quicker than women. What has happened is you have hit week 3. I dont know why but that is a common time (sometimes week 4) with no or little loss. It is almost as if the body is asking for a minute to catch up. Your weight loss will start up again – believe me I am in the same boat. However, because this happens lots of people give up at this stage. It is not the time to give up. You might want to be sure you are doing everything on plan as things can slide after a few weeks. That sneaky biscuit, slightly larger portion sizes, feeling fatigued and cutting out an exercise session. Little things can add up. Keep on keeping on… You will get there.

  • posted by HikerGirly

    Thanks so much for the reply!
    funnily enough – i haven’t cheated , as i haven’t felt hungry at all. My hands and feet are cold – so i know i’m in ketosis ( been here before on lighterlife).
    I’ve not intentions of stopping, I love the food and it is sustainable ( whereas lighterlife wasn’t)
    Your week 3 explanation seems to make sense though.

  • posted by SunnyB

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