Reduce meal sizes, can it be done?

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  • posted by ElaineT1D and partner T2D

    My partner and I started this new diet on Monday and today is Wednesday. We feel there is too much food for most of the meals of lunch and dinner. The first 2 days the meals have been good but today lunch was too big. We would have been happier with 1/2 the size of meals at lunch today. We want to know if the serving sizes can be reduced with some or most of the meals?

  • posted by Elky

    Hi Elaine

    You can absolutely reduce the meal sizes – many people find that the recipes sit at too high a calorie or carbohydrate level for the plan they’re following, and reduce as needed. If there’s simply too much food, then you absolutely should not feel that you have to eat it all.

    And congratulations to both you and your partner on starting this, good luck with it 🙂

    Hope this helps, Elky

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Elaine and partner, are you using recipes from the book and do you realise that they are not just for one person. Just a thought as someone before was making say a lunch which served 2 and didn’t realise and was having the whole thing.

  • posted by alliecat

    Welcome to the community, Elaine and partner! There is nothing magical about the recipe book; Some of us never
    used it at all, preferring to keep it simple, eliminate the carbs from our own recipes, and proceed from there. It’s
    commented often on these threads that a lot of the recipes are way off, as much as 150cal. per portion. Personally,
    I find Claire Bailey’s recipes too high in carbs for those of us who are insulin resistant. 🙂 There is a great deal of flexibility
    with this low carb, moderate protein and high (healthy) fat style of eating. Planning ahead is really the key when it’s
    “early days”, as well as keeping close track of your carbs and calories. Just shout out if you have any questions or
    concerns, and one of us will be by your side. As Birdy so often says, no questions are silly, and we’re here to help!
    I’m looking forward to sharing your journey, and reading about your successes. Best to you both,


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