Recipes for non fasting days

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  • posted by Sweetpea

    I have received the book today, and it’s great. I want to get started right away. I already lost 3 stone on weight watchers, so am at the top end of a healthy bmi. I want to lose another 10lbs, and whilst I am not pre diabetic, I am addicted to sugary foods, and get regularly light headed and would like to change this.

    I think 800 kcal a day is too little for my weight, so would like to try the 5:2 version. However, I have no idea what meals to eat on normal days, as there are no recipes for these, only low cal recipes for 800 kcal days, and I’m not very good at putting food items together to create healthy meals. I have also had iron deficiencies in the past, so need to be careful.

    Can anyone help, as I’m really feeling overwhelmed?

  • posted by Bill1954

    Havent done the 5:2 yet but I started at 16 stone 9 and others have started at much higher weights.
    My advise would be to try the 800 calories for a few days to see how you go, you will be surprised at how little hunger you feel.
    You will also have to get rid totally the WW low fat approach to things, this way of eating depends on putting fat back into your diet, both to encourage your body into fat burning mode and to give that full, satisfied feeling.

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