Recipe suggestions for before and after long(ish) cycle rides

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  • posted by Den55

    Hi fellow BSD’ers

    I’ve been on the Fast800 for a week now and am looking for some recipe suggestions for before and after my weekend cycle rides. I do a 40 mile 2:30hr cycle ride and used to load up on toast and peanut butter before and have pasts e.g. beef lasagna after to ‘recover’. Obviously this has to stop.

    Any suggestions for BSD type recipes for before or after my ride. I think I need something slow release before hand and something satiating for when I get back as I’m usually ready to nore my arm off by the time I get home at the end of the ride.

    Any suggestions appreciated.



  • posted by karenv

    What about something with lentils? I usually find them very filling and satisfying (and I have a very big appetite) ๐Ÿ™‚ I adapted this chicken and lentil curry a bit and it’s lovely (I add a little coconut milk for flavour and I didn’t add spinach, but I daresay it’s nice with spinach). And I tweaked the amounts so that it was around 380 cals per portion (using MyFitnessPal)

    Or you could make lentil soup, which is also very filling. Stews with beans and lots of veg are also filling – although with all of these I guess watch the carbs, but if you’re cycling maybe you’ll need more ๐Ÿ™‚
    some nice ideas here you could tweak:

    I’d probably go for a hearty soup with beans or lentils before yr cycle and then a stew or curry with lots of veg and cauliflower rice after – or cauliflower mash with steak and vegetables is lovely and filling too, try this garlic cauliflower mash it’s lovely!

    Good luck, hope you find something nice

    Karen ๐Ÿ™‚

  • posted by Frog

    Hi Den
    I don’t regularly eat to include the calories that I’ve used exercising (some posters have asked about adding back), as it rather negates the point of doing the exercise – but on days when I have done way more exercise than normal – for me that could be when the pedometer is hitting the 20+ thousand steps rather than languishing at around ten thousand – I will eat more than 800 if I feel I need it.

    I agree that beans and pulses are a good option – plus anything high fat will be filling.
    The peanut butter is a good one, but I too look mournfully at the jar because I’d really like it on toast!
    I’d suggest a cooked breakfast with eggs, bacon, tomato, avocado, mushroom – maybe even a gram flour pancake.

    Someone did post about eating a banana before a big hill walking day (or after, it was a few weeks ago) – on a similar principle, not strictly BSD, but if they were spending several hours doing strenuous exercise, it wasn’t going to make too much difference.

  • posted by fathobbitnz

    hey dan , have you discovered the solution ?
    i do around 80k each Saturday and used to do the carb pre load also use the elecrolyte drinks en route .
    there doesnt seem to be any reserves that i can tap into.
    i was under the impression that the energy stores laid down the day before are the ones that are used ?
    . Im keen to hear more.

  • posted by Den55


    My solution is to have breakfast of scrambled eggs (two eggs) and smoked salmon with at least two cups of tea. On the ride I only drink water. When I get back I usually have something like sliced steak (about 150g) with one of of the rocket salads with walnuts and a small bit of cheese from one of the books plus plenty of water-around a litre. This has worked OK for the summer but I’m not sure how it will hold up in the winter as I find I need hot food in the winter.

    Generally I find that now that I’ve been on the programme for a while I don’t need as big meals so that diet seems to work well for a fifty mile cycle as I can now say awake for the rest of the day post cycle when I used to conk out for a half hour sleep post cycling. I’m not sure about all the preloading stuff as I used to do this in my distance running days but now with cycling I think that as its sustained but low inetnsity (in my case-average 15mph) I think the body uses whats available i.e. whats in the stomach first then whats in reserve-hopefully fat. Seems to be working as I’m down from 119kg to 103kg in seven weeks with a target of 95kg.

    Hope this helps and good luck. Let me know how you get on.



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