Preparing to start next week – Does this sound right?

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  • posted by KitK4t

    Hi everyone.

    I would really appreciate if anyone could look over my plan and let me know if it looks ok or if I’m doing anything silly. I have read as many posts as I can about macro percentages and carb allowances and am still pretty baffled. I get the feeling it very much depends not only on target weight but there seems to be ranges of figures to use and I have no idea which end of the ranges to plug into calculations. Anyway, I have come up with the following place to start:

    Carbs 40g 160cals 20%
    Protein 40g 160cals 20%
    Fat 53g 480cals 60%
    Total= 800cals 100%

    I am 165cm/5’5 female currently 70kg/155lb with target weight 54kg/120lb (BMI currently hovering at 26; would like to get to 20).

    I have some recipes to try out and I’ll be cooking for the kids too, just feeding them more of a non-fast day Mediterranean diet of larger quantities of what I’m eating plus healthy slow release carbs. I think if I can get into a rhythm of making this for them too then I’ll know exactly what to do when I want to cook to maintain weight. (Obv they will eat lots of other stuff – they aren’t dieting!)

    I am planning to make a meal plan and plug ingredients into somewhere that’ll give me macro breakdowns, and hoping they correspond to the above percentages, tweaking and adjusting quantities if necessary.

    I am not worried about hunger or will power, but more about eating too many or too little carbs/protein and not maintaining muscle mass. I do try to do a brisk 30-45 walk everyday and I would *like* to get to the gym/pool regularly. I will start floor exercises in the mornings when I start the diet next week (on holiday for a few days now).

    Any and all advice greatly appreciated!

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