Picnic food

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  • posted by Skipping through the tulips

    Hello, the sun is shining and I’m full of beans so planning a bit of hiking this weekend. I normally take sandwiches fruit and nuts and chocolate. So the first 2 are off my list and definitely the last. I’m a bit of a loss of what to pack up. Something that’s easy to carry we can eat with our hands ( this is absolutely not the sort of picnic you’d need a hamper for) think scouts not Ascot !
    Any ideas welcome
    Have a great weekend

  • posted by AnnieW

    How about some wraps? It’s a “thing” on here😀. Make a very thin omelette, let it cool fill as you wish and wrap.
    Measure out some yoghurt and mix in some frozen berries which will help keep it cool.
    If you can eat dark chocolate, a couple of square is fine (the higher the %age the better)
    Flask of home made soup
    Crustless quiche/breakfast muffins
    Boiled eggs and a crudités salad
    Humous and crudités

    Sorry, most of these take some preparation. Hope you do get out there and enjoy yourself.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    mini quiches without the pastry. Make egg mix as normal but line muffin or bun tins with very thin prosciutto ham. Bake for 15 / 20 mins. Finger bites of prunes wrapped in prosciutto and cook for 10 mins.

  • posted by Californiagirl

    Hey Skipping! Oh, those are some good suggestions from Annie and SG — I’m an enthusiastic hiker and I had the same issue, what to take when you don’t want sandwiches!
    I totally second the idea of a flask of hot soup (hot tea good too) — even just a canned soup tastes great out there and is good for fluid replacement —
    Also we started taking cheese slices, pickles, salami and/or pepperoni and nuts. Cold sliced roast beef, chicken breast also satisfying.
    I love to take a tin of Tiny Tots sardines — packed in oil, they are good with lettuce leaf wraps (think soft lettuce like butter lettuce) and the cheese. You can also “spend” a few carbs on flatbread to go with. Make sure to pack some paper towels!
    A red pepper sliced up, some anise slices or cucumber slices and you’ve got an instant feast!

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