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  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone . As I write this there is breaking news about the encouraging preliminary results of a Covid vaccine . It does bring a glimmer of hope but we must remain cautious and certainly not start eating carbage !!
    Just joking folks . But we must continue our journey to the end of this annus horribilis doing our very best to stay focused on our health.
    Pleas continue to travel along with me !
    Wendy x

  • posted by wendleg

    Here is our merry band of travellers , some of whom seemed to have taken a detour but hopefully as many as possible will find their way back xx

    Niamh and Dean ( Neegan)
    Clarinet cathy
    Olive 1

    Double Dutch
    JGwen (of course !!)

    Tulip1 (Clare)

    Jeremy Fisher
    Kevlondon and Mrs Kev
    sunshine-girl !!!
    Violinist ( Catherine)
    Sarah 1968
    Delabodge( Clive)
    Calliope Swan
    EclecticRajistani !!!
    Mumof4in France
    Squidge !!
    No more banquets
    The other me
    AMZ !!!!!!!
    Stephen J
    Nhatha 3432 (Nick)
    Reuby 19
    Rainydays 42

  • posted by Verano

    Hi Wendy and thanks for starting yet another ‘One Week at a Time’. Sorry I missed last week but I was unwell, recovered now, and ready for a new Tuesday and a new week.
    This has been a difficult year for lots of us in more ways than one. This morning I weighed just one pound more than January 1st! I can’t believe that I might actually go into 2021 with an overall weight loss for this year. There are seven or so weeks to go and I only need to lose 2lbs to be in deficit for the year!
    As sunshine-girl says we just have to keep on keeping on ……….

  • posted by wendleg

    Glad you are feeling better, V . Yes, we have to keep going. Like you I have been doing the programme for a long time now and it’s second nature , although I don’t check the scales that often. I am setting myself small challenges, no choc or almonds for this month and I have also started a gentle 28 day Pilates challenge on Youtube with The Girl with the Pilates Mat . Feeling better for it…

    My hair will look a mess by the time we get out of lockdown here…. but there are more important things. SG I found some root powder a bit like eye shadow for roots … will maybe give it a go. My hair is so thick you have to rummage around a bit to get to the roots so I have a bit of time before I start rocking the scarecrow look ! 😉

  • posted by WindyJulz

    Thanks Wendy.
    I’ve had a pretty good 6 days or so and feeling better for it. Like you, I know the little things I need to rein in – raisins….. little sugary devils, I’m often tempted to pop them in my yogurt but need to quit that and stick to cinnamon or berries or ginger… name is Julz and it is 6 days since my last raisin!!
    I’ve committed to really making november count so hopefully, just hopefull i can make it into the illusive 10st bracket before christmas – honestly, I’ve been up and down the same 4 or 5 lbs for months, and i know its just a lack of consistency, as soon as i get close i have a lax week. There are many excuses – holidays etc etc but really i just need to have a good consistent 4 weeks and i’ll get there, and there are no excuses on the horizon in the run up to christmas….. so here i am, committed for the week!!
    Interestingly I am happiest when i’m fasting, no stress, no food worries, just merrily going along making the most of what i can. Today is a one meal day as I’m actually at work and find it easy to fast through. Roll on dinner time for my heck chicken sausage salad (yup this is a thing and it is fabulous!)
    Also committed to making sure i do my meditation every day through november, I think it makes a massive difference and helps me find some inner peace, stops me dwelling on stuff, especially food….. my mind set is much more ‘it doesnt really matter what i eat or when, it will be nice and nutritious, i will enjoy it and i will not starve before i get to the next meal”. I’m sure the meditation helps me find this place and loose the food anxiety which drives me often.

    Have a good week folks.

  • posted by RubyG

    I’m still here 🙂

    Week 3 for my husband and I, and still going strong. He has shed a stone since starting, and I have shed 7.6lb.
    Still a long way to go, but heading in the right direction and still motivated.

    After last week of his BP steadily dropping a little every day, he was in unchartered territory yesterday at 115/66, so after a call with the doctor he has dropped BP med#2 and his BP was 126/76 this morning, so we’ll keep monitoring and hopefully be able to reduce the dosage of BP med#1 or stop altogether at some point.

    He commented how walking up and down the stairs is so much easier and less painful on the knees!
    He has also inspired one of his colleagues who has decided to start the Fast800, which is great!

    Onward and downward!

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, Thanks for another week Wendy. I have some spray on root cover the one advertised by the woman from Desperate Housewifes and I usually use it between hairdresser appts. This time I needed a whole root job doing and decided to just go for it. Only thing is, just doing my roots I had to throw half of the solution away and you know I am reet Yorkshire.

    Congrats to RubyG and husband on great results. All the proof you need is to see it for yourself. Keep up the good work.

    After re-losing the 2lbs gain from the previous weekend I have managed to lose another 1lb. Seems such a waste as I could be 3lbs lighter instead of playing catch up. But I did say one pound a week was okay for me so shouldnt complain. So I am looking for another pound this week although more would be great.

    Feel like opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate the vaccine news but I just feel a bit flat about it. Dont want to get too excited yet but sure it will eventually be there for everyone. Phew, what a year it will have been. Keep on keeping on and take care, its not over until the fat lady sings and I havent started singing just yet.

  • posted by Olive_1

    Hi all,
    I’m still moving along – not at great speed at the moment though. Didn’t write on the thread last week but read all the posts. Great motivational posts Wendy – love it! Also wanted to thank JGwen about the very insightful post on strategies to think about long term weight loss for us with a bit more to loose than can be done in 8 weeks. It’s reinforcing with me the importance of keeping things really low carb to switch off the insulin effect. This allows me flexibility to either restrict how much I eat (and let the deficit be taken from my stored body fat) or fast when I feel like that and perhaps allow myself to eat a bit more – but still low carb.
    WindyJulz – I also have the raisin creep! They have somehow made it into my morning Greek yogurt with nuts and chia seed. Need to stop!
    I’m aiming for reaching BMI 25 before Christmas, which in theory is possible, but seeing that things have slowed down a bit lately I’m not sure it is realistic. It’s the weekends that trip me up and I spend the rest of the week catching up. I know that this was going to be long journey (started in Jan) and I’m getting myself mentally prepared to dive into some serious BSD800/Fasting after the holidays. That way I can think now that the better I do up until Christmas the better position I will be in to start fresh in January. Because I will need to keep going – that is for sure.
    Had some surprising and slightly disturbing news the other day. As some may remember I had my appendix out a couple of weeks ago. Well I now got a letter saying the pathology examination has been done and that they found endometriosis. I have never had very big problems with painful periods so has never crossed my mind. But after doing some reading I can see that endometriosis is likely connected to hypothyroidism (that I also have) and can also be connected to ache and pain in the pelvic/hip area – something I’ve been suffering from for years. To early to say if it has anything to do with anything, but I’ve been referred to a specialist at least. (Whenever that will be in the current situation – will be some time before health care is back to normal.) I would be most interested to hear if anyone else has any experience with endometriosis.
    RubyG – impressive progress for both you and hubby! It’s so motivational isn’t it.
    SG – Love reading your posts, always a fresh and down to earth take on everyday life.
    Have a great week!

  • posted by Mifoz

    Hi all,

    Still going here – at week six now or is it seven, I’ve lost count and my book is downstairs!

    Just wanted to say that reading how everyone is going is a really great motivator for me. Small losses, big losses, positive outcomes – they’re all helping me stay on track. Even mention of slip ups or lack of motivation all helps me realise I’m not alone when I have my own hiccups and what I’m going through is making a difference. So thanks everyone for your honesty and good humour! I’ve never stuck with any health plan (because that’s how I’m choosing to see this) for this long, and I really am starting to feel like I could keep going with this way of life for good.

    My win for the week, last week I found a pair of shorts in the shops the same as a pair I’d bought last summer and loved, so decided to buy them in another colour and a size down to encourage myself. Well, I popped them on today and they are loose! Still wearable thank goodness, and boy did that give me a lift as I haven’t seen much happening on the scales the past couple of weeks.

    Thanks again everyone!

  • posted by Olive_1

    Hi all,
    Hope you are having a good day. It’s really grey, damp and cold where I am. Am sitting with my “lunch” for today – a cup of bone broth. Am doing a 24 h fast and am feeling god. Made some bone broth with leftovers from whole chicken in the oven last week – delicious, and is making fasting much easier. Should not have a great impact on weightless but will affect authophagy. But as I’m only doing 24 hours that is not my main aim anyway, so happy to use a “training wheel”.
    Excess weight from weekend was off this morning – not need it to drop before the next challenging weekend comes along.
    KOKO eveyone.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Big wave to everyone

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone ! Checking in to see how you all are . Did a Pilates Zoom this morning with 4 chums . I am a plodder there too.. making progress but unlikely to be chucking my legs over my head any time soon !! Nice to catch up with friends and ‘see’ them’ even if it is only once a week.
    Still not in the fasting zone . Something is holding me back so have to think about that.
    I can’t help with the endometriosis Olive, just that a friend used to talk of a whole range of painful symptoms. That’s good that you can get to see a specialist.
    Glad we are helping you stay on track Mifoz and no, you are definitely not alone ! Great news about the shorts. Most importantly, seeing this as a long term health plan was a light bulb moment for me too.
    Great news Ruby ! So pleased for you and your hubby.
    About raisins in yoghurt… I don’t do that but like to add a sprinkle of caraway seeds (cinnamon can be a bit strong for me) It might sound a bit weird but I do like the taste.
    Love your attitude Julz !

    Hi V ! Hi SG ! Those trips away will happen… I am feeling more positive than this time last week !
    love to everyone xx

  • posted by Shally

    Hello Wendleg, Verano, WindyJulz, RubyG, sunshine-girl, Olive_1, Mifoz everyone else!
    I thought I’d pop in and say hi and thank every one on here and other threads for all the information I’ve been reading.
    It’s great to see the progress everyone has made and is making. I started my journey on the 7 October and after 5 weeks in I have lost 7kg (~1stone/17lb), halfway to my target of losing 14kg overall. I would have liked to have lost more (I think I read 3kg per week is not unusual?), but it’s my own fault as every now and then I relapse – for example, I had a pre-lockdown Mexican dinner two weeks ago and yesterday I made jaffa cakes for the family…. even though I was adamant that I wouldn’t have one ,I did :O !
    The last few days I have been feeling hungry where I wasn’t previously. I eat 20-25g carbs a day but somedays I only end up eating 600 calories. I am also finding it hard to drink more than 750ml water a day 🙁
    Anyhoo, will be following along.
    Stay safe everyone,
    PS I’m based in northern Italy.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Shally, thanks for the shout out. As you dont have a great amount of weight to lose you are not going to see massive losses. Would be great if you could go on a diet and lose 10 lbs in week 1 and so on and be finished with the diet in a few weeks. Unfortunately it doesnt work like that. Dont worry about the occasional slip up, sometimes these keep us sane in these sh000ty times. As for the ‘water’ intake, you do know it doesnt have to be water, the word should be fluids and these can be taken in different forms. 750 mls is not much and I can take that much with my morning glass of water water with lemon (actually I have vinegar) and my usual cup of green tea. Are you counting everything. If you are so low you need to get into some habits, for example, every time you go to the kitchen sink pour a glass of water and stand there and drink the whole thing. If you do this 3 or 4 times a day you will be getting there. I always have my glass filled up as soon as I finish it. Get a water reminder bottle (dont know the proper name), you can buy them on Amazon, add a slice of lemon or some crushed strawberries if it is the taste you dont like. You will get used to it.

    I am now completely back at the weight I was last week plus a small loss so hoping I can do a bit more before the weekend. Supermarket shop today and then round to the pharmacy to pick up my sack full of medication. What an exciting life I lead. That’s my wave in for today. KOKO

  • posted by Shally

    Hi sunshine-girl,
    Thanks for your post. Yes, I meticulously log everything in my fitness pal, even my mess-ups. I was drinking more when I started, using a 1L bottle but as its been getting colder, I am not drinking as much. I was drinking a couple of mugs of tea and need to get back into the habit (sigh).
    I need to lose 19kg to get to a BMI<25 but I thought I would start with 14.
    Some more background: I am 51, 158cm/5’2″, currently weigh 72kg and have initially aimed for 65kg as I haven’t been below 70kg for about 20y and I don’t think ever below that in my adult life! Once I reach 65kg (BMI 26) and I see how my bloods results are, I thought I’d consider the next 5kg. I am at or over the max levels for glucose, (101), cholesterol (217), triglycerides (182) with low HDL (45) – these, high BP (medicated for 20y), a family history of heart problems and a younger brother with recent heart issues prompted me to start the Fast800. I’ve read Dr Mosely’s Fast 800 book and was keeping the journal but switched to the MFP app.
    Thanks again for your advice, I’ve just put the kettle on!
    Enjoy your shopping – it’s the only time I get to go out.

  • posted by LonelyAdipose

    I’m joining this group for weight loss support.
    I’m 35, about 230 lbs, and guilty of emotional/obsessive/bored eating.
    I struggle with a long-term rocky marriage, which sometimes includes degrading criticism and verbal abuse. Things are slowly improving, but there are still hard times… but I have no desire to separate, just to be clear.
    My biggest issue is not controlling my eating and being lazy. I used to eat healthy and exercise regularly, slimming down to the 160s, but since things have gotten tough at home,I haven’t been able to develop the proper dedication and enthusiasm.
    But I really wish I would lose weight. Getting fit would change my whole life while greatly improving my confidence and self-esteem.
    I would welcome any tips on getting focused on achieving my goal.

  • posted by Butterlover

    HI Everyone.just lost a long post.I don’t have time to write it again. Just popping in to record some progress down to 85.7 today.steady discard of 0.3 daily.Im wishing everyone stays strong the covid looks bad and I’m counting myself very lucky to live in wishes to everyone

  • posted by Gattina

    Good morning beautiful people.
    I was just casually browsing through the internet this morning and thought I would check in on this forum and I was delighted to see the very kind shout out from Wendleg at the start of the week. I am still lurking and struggling to find my way again…
    I’ve been on this forum on and off for a while, some of you may recognise my name some of you may not. I’ve completed the 800 calorie blood sugar diet a couple of times, lost close to 3 stones then put it all back on again over the years. This year I’ve started several times and not been able to stick at it. I have T2 diabetes which is my primary reason for wanting to lose weight, I’ve been obese my whole life.
    Earlier this year I asked my GP to refer me to the Tier 3 Weight Management Clinic, they have a 12-month weight loss programme involving total meal replacement for 12 weeks then, then re-introducing food and finally maintenance. The programme is supported by healthcare professionals throughout which is supposed to provide support. I started the programme this week, and this is day 3 for me. The programme is based on the Roy Taylor research for reversing T2 diabetes and Michael Moseley based the 8-week blood sugar diet on that research although he used food rather than meal replacements.
    Still early days for me so not sure how this will pan out – already feeling a bit disappointed with it. The first session involved telling the group about the products to use and the rules and then sending us off to do it, with what feels like very little support. Also it feels quite unhealthy just having processed, artificial meal replacements, whereas when I did the BSD I was eating loads of healthy fresh food. I’m sure when I lose more weight I’ll start feeling more positive about it.
    Best of luck on your journeys everyone, you’re doing really well. This is an amazing forum with lots of positive people making really good changes in their lives and your stories are inspiring.
    All the best

  • posted by Gattina

    Hi LonelyAdipose
    I would like to send you a big virtual hug, your post touched me and I really wish I could wipe away all your negative thoughts and help you see what an amazing person you are. And I know you are amazing because you’ve come here looking to make changes and ask for help. It takes courage to do that and you have taken the first steps. Firstly you are not lazy! It sounds like you are in a difficult situation and anyone struggling would find it difficult to be disciplined. What does lazy mean anyway, nobody has the right to judge you and only you can decide what is best for you. Start slowly, have you read the fast 800 book, or the Blood Sugar Diet? If it’s the right approach for you then just choose a date to start and get going. Start exercising gently, go out for a daily walk then slowly build up. There is lots of support on this forum, always someone around with words of advice and encouragement.
    Please do not see yourself as lazy, you are doing the best you can and that is all any of us can do.

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi Shally ! Good to see you joining us. You are very welcome ! Sunshine Girl has already given you some very good advice . Yes, your target is certainly attainable but remember it is recommended that you think long term in order to maintain your weight when you get where you want to be. Carbs are insiduously addictive and to crack the addiction is a massive achievement.
    I have an app on my phone called Drink Water Reminder which does exactly what it says with a little tinkling sound to alert you when it’s time to drink . I personally like sparkling water with or without a splash of apple cidar vinegar.

    All the best to you Shally. Stick wth us ! I hope all is well in Northern Italy. Stay safe x

  • posted by Shally

    Hi LonelyAndipose,
    Also sending you a big hug. I have also struggled with my weight, pretty much since teenage years. I have been lurking here and wrote my first post yesterday but all my lurking has shown that everyone here is very supportive, so you should definitely reach out when you need to. You can do it – for yourself.
    Shally X

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi LA ! I don’t want to call you Lonely Adipose because it sounds so negative . Think of yourself as Lovely because you really are ! Welcome ! You are in the right place for the support you need. . You are young ,LA with your whole life ahead of you and you can be the healthiest and fittest you have ever been !

    It’s not my place to comment on your marriage but I will just say concentrate on YOU and YOUR health and well being. You can only do it for yourself and it will take strength and determination if support is lacking at home .
    You have that strength, LA …. you made the decision to find us so that is a major first move.
    Don’t WISH for weight loss, LA , make it happen , you can do it .
    Have you read the advice for people starting out which I posted on last week’s thread ? Let me know if you can’t find it and I will re post it.

    You have major challenges LA and certainly it will be tough if you are undermined and emotional eating is a real danger .

    So FOCUS ON YOU , LA … plan and prepare. We will help you every step of the way but banish the negativity . You are not lazy, you do not lack dedication . This is the first step to getting back in touch with yourself . Look forward with enthusiasm . This is your time xx

  • posted by wendleg

    HI Gattina ! I most certainly do remember you ! So happy to see you back . I remember you struggling to find the motivation to stick with the programme but you know you are absolutely doing the right thing for your health . Sunshine Girl and Verano can talk to you about managing T2 and you too can achieve that . I have heard of the programme you mentioned . I wonder if that is what Eclectic Rajistani was embarking on ? ( Come back and tell us how you are getting on, Eclectic ! ) If I understand correctly the idea of the meal replacements is to simplify meal planning and to kick start weight loss for people who maybe struggle with re adapting to low carb. If you prefer real food ( and who wouldn’t?) then follow your instincts Gattina. You know what works for you but whatever you decide you must stick with it . Maybe start out with a weekly plan , keeping to the Fast 800 principles with tasty recipes which don’t hve to be complicated. I am not going to tell you what to do because you already know but keep that essential WHY in the foreground every time you put a morsel in your mouth ! You can do it and you know we are always here to offer whatever support you need !

    As I said to L A …..Look forwards not backwards !

    Please don’t disappear again Gattina . … I will come and find you;-) ( I can be a bit bossy;-) )

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi Butterlover . Sending you good wishes too . So glad the Covid situation is improving in Australia. It has been rigourously managed, not so here in France but we are hoping for an easing of restrictions early December.

    Have a great weekend xx

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi all, nothing to add to the discussion. Life toddles along. Weight is a bit stuck for now but still hoping for a further 6lbs loss before Christmas. Ever the optimist. Today is World Diabetes Day so why hasnt anyone sent me a card!!!!! Have a good, no, have a great weekend. Take care.

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi SG ! Happy World Diabetes Day ! I suggested you could inspire Gattina with you success in managing your diabetes.
    Today hasn’t been too earth shattering either. My yoghurts were nice and firm in the yoghurt maker when I got up this morning which is always very satisfying. I am still investigating cheese making for absolute beginners. It’s all a bit mysterious but I felt like that with fermented veg initially.

    I was able to do my pilates session today without disturbing the cats ! I mix up the sessions and today was a lot of stretching which is good, especially if you haven’t done any exercise for a while. I’m not so comfortable with the weight bearing exercises… very much work in progress . There are even sessions for ‘seniors’ !!

    Hi SG ! Happy World Diabetes Day ! I suggested you could inspire Gattina with you success in managing your diabetes.

    Today hasn’t been too earth shattering either. My yoghurts were nice and firm in the yoghurt maker when I got up this morning which is always very satisfying. I am still investigating cheese making for absolute beginners. It’s all a bit mysterious but I felt like that with fermented veg initially.

    I was able to do my pilates session today without disturbing the cats ! I mix up the sessions and today was a lot of stretching which is good, especially if you haven’t done any exercise for a while. I’m not so comfortable with the weight bearing exercises… very much work in progress . There are even sessions for ‘seniors’ !! Great for joints and mobility issues

    Hope the weekend is going well for everyone xx

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi Wendleg, double post from you, a glitch in the system?? I did 30 mins aerobics with just one cat watching from his comfy spot on the couch. Was watching a cookery programme today and they made the Indian cheese called Paneer, so simple to make if you want to try. 1 litre of milk warmed in a non-stick pan or a bowl. Add one tablespoon of lemon juice and watch the reaction. Pour into some cloth to drain and leave for about an hour. Squeeze out excess moisture and you have something between cottage cheese and mozzarella.

    When we were kids and going out for the day on a hot day in summer. Dad always put a bottle of milk in the boot of the car. With the movement and the heat, by the time we arrived we had cottage cheese to spread on our bread.

  • posted by wendleg

    No, that’s my fault SG . I started typing on the thread page and then I always copy and paste the text into WORD in case it disappears . When I pasted my text I forgot to delete the initial message …

    Thanks for the paneer recipe. Definitely one to try . I bet that would be nice in a spinach curry instead of halloumi. I have cheese making attachments with my yoghurt maker, for making fromage faisselle and I am going to try that too . We are lucky to have a farm nearby for supplies of raw milk at ridiculous prices per litre .


  • posted by Verano

    Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve not been posting but really don’t have much to say!
    Gattina I do remember you and I just wanted to tell you about my experience with BSD and T2.
    I lost around 15% of my body weight and I did put my T2 into remission. I have since gained some weight back and am still way over where I should be BUT I have kept my carbs low for over four years now and my blood sugars remain in the ‘normal’ range. For me , and it is only my experience, I have found that even being overweight my blood sugars stay ‘normal’ if I stay low carb. Maybe you should focus on the carbs more than the scales?
    Best of luck with your journey.

  • posted by LonelyAdipose

    I think I’ll try to fast tomorrow.

  • posted by sunshine-girl

    Hi everyone, still here and still the same results. Just a shout to Gattina. I see you have been diagnosed for 6 years and on meds. My story is not as optimistic as Verano as I have never got off meds. However, we were quite different. My doctor was so keen to get me onto insulin as he thought it was the answer to all my gastric problems with meds. I literally couldnt leave the house for around 8 months while on Metformin. If I had to go out I had to time it so I had nothing in my stomach and had already been to the loo. At one point I was on the toilet 20 times a day. So maybe he was right. I couldnt go on like that. The bad thing is once you are on insulin it is virtually impossible to get off. Every injection is soul destroying – I often, still after 15 years, stand and cry before I do the jab. I also know that every jab is a magnet for fat and I gained 15 kgs in the first 6 months. Having said that I will tell you that since finding this diet I have reduced all my meds and although I still inject it is half the dose it used to be to keep my in the normal range of BG. My BP has gone down and I have stopped taking statins for cholesterol as that too has gone down. So, not completely ‘cured’ I am in a much better position than before BSD and can honestly say, if I had carried on without the plan I would now be on more and more meds and have all sorts of other medical problems. As you are not on insulin you are in a position to get your BG under control and, these days it is no longer considered a miracle to reverse diabetes, it is now a medical fact that doctors are taking notice of. All down to this diet, Dr Mosley, Prof Taylor and Dr Unwin. It is a whole of life eating plan, not a quick fix but it does work.

  • posted by Tulip1

    Hi All,
    The diet isn’t going too badly, altho not getting something quite right as weight loss barely happening really….I have some ideas tho whether I can make the changes I am not sure….on the plus side I managed to keep my red wine drinking just to the weekend which is progress (thank u for being here- I wrote it here so I would stick to it and must do the same this week!) and I have also introduced an occasional treat of a square of 85 or 90% quality chocolate and really enjoying that- I think it helps keep me off really naughty treats e.g. milk chocolate etc…I did try some 100% but bleugh, just like eating cocoa powder 😂🤣…

    Love to all xxx

  • posted by nhatha3432

    Hi. My desktop is still away being fixed and I hate trying to do this on a phone, anyway here goes :

    9th November at weigh-in I was 96.4 kgs, which was a loss of 2.3 kgs over the previous week. Total weight loss so far: = 22.2 kgs = 48.84 lbs or 3.48 Stones, (from a starting weight of 118.6 kgs – 96.6 kgs, today’s weight). I hope to be 90 kgs by Christmas. Clothes are becoming a problem!

  • posted by wendleg

    Hi everyone.
    I have been tootling on the computer putting together a photobook of our last trip abroad. That was Valencia in February and it seems an age ago but there will be other trips.

    Time to set up the new weekly thread !

  • posted by Shally

    Popped in on the wrong thread to say hi!
    Hope everyone is well.
    Ive been a bit up and down, my husband is a chef and he’s been cooking a lot in this latest lockdown (he has no weight/BS/etc issues) and while I’ve mostly resisted the breads and focaccia, I gave in t his pan cotta (half portion) and Chinese take-away so my weight has been all over the place. Since last week I have lost 0.5kg so I am OK with that. I hope the next week I can do better.
    Thinking about Christmas now!!
    Have a great weekend
    Shally xx

  • posted by Rainey

    I put on a pair of size 14 jeans today. I started out in 18s but I’ve been in 16s for the last 9 weeks. Quite a contrast with my last adventure with 5:2 when I was dropping a size every 3-4 weeks. But I was younger then and, thanks to the lack of Covid, more active in the course of my days.

    I can’t say that I was swimming in the 16s so this may be the difference in a single pair of 14s but all my weight is between my hips and my boobs so when I can put on something smaller and I don’t look so baggy in my legs it’s a real boost to my spirits and my appearance.

    My husband says he sees a *big* difference in my body from behind. So all I have to do now, apparently, is walk around backward …… ; >

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