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  • posted by BeeGirl

    Jennie10 – re F800/Keto & IF; I’m enjoying the change and it will be interesting to see how it compares as it’s not got the element of control from calorie counting (which does make me very nervous!)

    JGwen – I did go back and see some of the unpleasantness from the other week; heaven knows how folk have the energy to keep that up for long! Glad peace has been restored. Thanks for the tip re the podcast links – will take a look when I get a mo’.

    Arcticfox – well done on the cycle, that’s brill! I enjoy a bit of trail cycling but am nowhere near brave enough to cycle on roads unfortunately!

    LouiseKangaroo – another Fungster, great, handy to be able to compare notes! I too want to get away from calorie counting; I feel my concept of eating is so out of whack after all the diets over the years that I need re-learn (or maybe learn for the first time, realistically) how to eat when hungry, stop eating when I’m full and choose the right foods for me. I’m also working to change my mind set on so many different aspects of nutrition; how calories fit in to everything, why I can eat high fat, how I need so much more salt than I think – it’s all so fascinating and so much fun to learn. I enjoy the fasting (currently doing 3 x 42 and trying to throw in one 72-96 per month, but the last one was sunk by a migraine!). It feels a very normal, free way to eat, but we’ll have to see what the scale and / or tape measure says in a few weeks!

    Birdy – hope you had fun at Pride!

    Scottisgal – finding time to post can be tricky, can’t it; I seem to manage twice a week, tops!

    6T – boxing gloves are going okay thanks! Hand recovered and I’ve been to a couple more sessions. Missed one due to sinusitis and one due to migraine but going back tonight. It very hard work, but I do enjoy it! I need to add in a bit more of something to improve my fitness as mma once a week isn’t going to swing it and I want to feel fitter. Need to ponder the best way of going about it I think.

    LimitedEditionBonusPack – brilliant loss, well done you!

    Wend – so glad your husband is feeling better. Recovery is always so exhausting and draining for everyone involved – hope you both have a good week with lots of rest.

    As for me, it was honey extraction weekend. I’m shattered, the kitchen is sticky from stem to stern and I have about 70lb of honey in a bucket. While I’m eating low carb 😂. We did indulge in a bottle or two of prosecco while doing it, and a takeaway, but I kept the food low carb and while it’ll impact my results this weeks, it was planned, enjoyed and I have no regrets. I like that with this WOL I can live my life and get right back in track the next day.

  • posted by LouiseKangooroo

    @beegirl, your username just took all its meaning 😁
    Im doing 4:3 at the moment, so 4 days eating, 3 days water fast. Apparently Ramos and Fung believe the number 3 is a magic number for weigh loss and advise 3 days of fasting per week, consecutive or not.
    How are you discard weight on the 3 x 42? I was thinking of giving it a go, see if it is an easier protocol than my current 4:3.

  • posted by alliecat

    Hello, beegirl! I just wanted to “buzz” by and congratulate you on the outstanding weight loss results you posted
    recently. You have rocked this in every way possible! 🙂 You are an inspiration to every newcomer, so I’m glad
    that you are posting again. That’s a lot of honey! How do you market it?

  • posted by sixturkeys

    Elky, I saw your reference to “drop bears” and did wonder, what new earthly vision of hell is this? I see now…if I ever do brave a trip, I will be sure to perfect speaking loudly in an Aussie accent for when I might walk under a tree…I have to fess up to a blip yesterday, involving a fruit tart…All the more stupid because I tried on new size 10 jeans, and I can pull them all the way up (tho they are supposed to be straight cut rather than skinny round the thighs..) Belly is still the major obstacle, but I am hoping the increasing squidgy-ness is a positive sign. Size 10 was my usual size, so I’m hoping I might be able to revert to that, rather than aim for something completely unachievable. But patisserie cannot be on the road map…Hope all are well!

  • posted by wendleg

    Hello everyone
    Just a quick update while my gentle giant is snoozing. I will check on the thread in a while.
    I am in a strange situation obviously. Maybe my body is confused too. I finished 4 days of an egg fast than careered into digestive shut down and achy legs.I started eating ‘ normally’ with OMAD still . This morning I woke up and felt happy to get up .It was 5.30 am and I was turbo charged , attacking the chores like a thing possessed ! It’s great because when I get up at my usual hour around 8 am I never feel I can get much done as I am conscious of wanting to get out to the hospital.
    It will be nice to get home tonight to a clean kitchen and a tray of roast veg which I also had time to prepare this morning !

    Hubby is off the morphine pump, just the morphine tablets now and the anti inflammatories. Not sure what the next stage is just yet but there are no complications so hopefully just healing and physio….He is definitely better, can get out of bed more easily ..what a relief
    No date for leaving the hospital at the moment.
    I think stress does strange things to the body !
    I will start a new weekly thread. I think I have probably maintained my egg fast discard but I will see what next week brings and stay attentive !!!
    Love to everyone xx

  • posted by wendleg

    I have just set up the new weekly thread, folks xx

  • posted by Birdy76

    Beegirl so good to see you back and fantastic news on your discard, you doing great❤️❤️ Pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 was awesome thank you. Such a great day of music, laughter and great company xx

    Articfox well done to you too! Especially with all your ups and downs and daily stresses❤️❤️

    Wendy great to here your OH is on the mend and your boy is nearly with you. I am sure it will be a fabulous reunion with lots of tears and hugs. Love you hun🥰

    Kazzee hope you are having a good day hun? We are getting there👌👌❤️❤️

    Louise you are doing great hun❤️

    I have probably forgotten people and for that I am sorry you know I am thankful for you all. I have tried a dress on today that I bought a week ago and it is a tiny bit bigger on me than it was! Not so much people would notice but I notice and I am happy about it but I don’t want it to get too big😂

    I have been updating my wardrobe over the last week and loving it💖. I have always hated clothes shopping because of the shops I had to shop in and not being able to buy what I really want. This woe has granted me that and now I need to stop it😂😂. Holiday on Monday and I am looking forward to it very much.

    6T you silly lady! But hey size 10 wouldn’t even go over my feet and ankle! So for you to have pulled them all the way up is no small thing my lovely. You have done so well and we all know you will get there💞

    JGwen how are you? I seem to be missing your updates but I see people commenting to you? I don’t know what has happened as I feel like I haven’t spoken to you in such a long time! Hope you are well our lovely fountain of information💖

    Allie as always you are here and welcoming the newbies and we love you for it. Your words of wisdom carry so many of us through the harder times. Thank you❤️❤️

    Elky as always you make me smile and laugh hard, you crazy Aussie🥰🥰

    Kirsten I know you are busy and the discard had been difficult but your strength and determination astonished me! You are an inspiration to us all. You go girl💞

    Hope you have all had a fab day today? Birdy 💞🦜

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