OMG! I've just noticed something…

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  • posted by Janet1973

    I’m just preparing my recipe for dinner tonight – I’ve gone for the aubergine bake from this website as it looks tasty and filling but easy to make. And I have made a bit of a discovery – something I should have known all along really but it just never sunk in before. All the ingredients add up to 230 calories, the largest value being the mozzarella cheese (I have gone for half fat as full fat cheese doesn’t agree with me). Then I added in the 1 tablespoon of olive oil – just 1 – and that alone is 123 calories. OMG! Its the smallest quantity of the recipe yet the biggest in calories.

    I know that olive oil is good for me and I need to re-educate myself about fats (all my life low fat has been the law) but that has really blown me away. It has made me realise that I can’t splash a bit of olive oil about and not count it as part of my 800, thinking a little bit won’t count much. Well, a little bit is an eighth of my allowance!

    I will keep on using it as I find it makes plain vegetables more palatable but I will have to count it better in future!

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