Nuts, which ones are best?

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  • posted by Fredforest

    I know that walnuts are really good in the diet but what of other sorts of nuts?

    Almonds I know are good, pistachios are also supposedly in the frame too but what of these:
    Brazil Nuts (lots of Selenium v. good) lots of calories
    Macadamia nuts even more calories
    Hazel/cobb nuts

    Nuts make good snack food but with some at over 700 kcal per 100 grams you could easily blow an 800 per day limit even on a small handful.

  • posted by pmshrink

    Hi Fred
    I think they’re all good- check out the nutrients- and good to vary them. Just take account of their calories. For instance if I have cashews I have 3, but almonds I have 5 etc

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